By IhateThem - 14/05/2011 05:07 - United States

Today, I found out that my neighbors' 9 year old son has been the one taking a shit on my doorstep everyday. Why? Because Cartman from South Park said that if you keep doing it, the person in the house will move. FML
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wow. Someone should beat some sense into that kid.

pick up his shit and rub it in his face!


klovemachine 24

he needs to respect your authority!

Southpark is ftw.

ahahaha south park is amazing!!! :D

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Eh what can you do.

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Flutist 3

How rude can you be. Who cares how big or small someone's nose is? If she is a nice person then she is beautiful. Looks fade and then you just end up a terrible, ugly old person. Any claim you make--about being with hot chicks and being a make-up artist--is not going to be believed. No one can see what you look like on here and even if they did, your comments are what they take from this and they are ugly, nasty comments. Instead of wasting your energy being an asshole and a troll, why don't you work on your large ego. Also, the angle that she is taking the picture is known to make people's noses look bigger.

wow. Someone should beat some sense into that kid.

Yea show him who is BOSS. The next time he does that, you hide somewhere and when he has positioned himself, you kick him in the face

lol I just watched that episode!

Me three!! And @ #1, I don't think beating a kid is ever really the answer....

saaaalt 4

he's nine & he watches south park? .... Good going mom! -.-

RainbowHeadache 2


just get a guard dog like a pit bull. or maybe you could scramble his brains with a .44 and say it was self defense.

ihatecake 0

south park is immature and gross

Hayman68 4

That episode was on right before this was posted and the kid in the FML is the same age as the kids on South Park? This post sounds fake.

respect my authour-a-ty!

uomealot1 0

did you move!?

squishy01 0

Put up an eletric fence

You should wait with a power washer, blast his shit along with smart ass right off the front porch, kills two birds with one stone...

that is the funniest shit ever!!!

someone plays too much call of duty

Imabigbeast 5

your neighbors kid thinks Cartman's advice is good??? wtf??

Imabigbeast 5

I swear, cartman has all the best lines.

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155 I see what you did there.

134- you should change your picture. He looks like a fun guy. you're not.(ps everybody check out his name

156- I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were #2's mom.

cadillacgal79 32

134-South Park is pretty funny actually.

hahaha, cool kid. but seriously, why are you even letting him watch that show at 9? that's where kids develop bad habits.

He's not their kid... Read it again.

lucas755 1

Like pooping on doorsteps.

nunsrtight69 0

my question is how does a 9 year old take a shut every single day.

Flutist 3

You could say he is *Puts on sunglasses* a regular!

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sematariux 7

lmao flutist you win

OP's not letting him watch that show, the kid's parents are.

XXizzlerXX 0

I love southpark!:)

ihatecake 0

well 185 you're living proof they all do. (TROLL FACE :D)

pick up his shit and rub it in his face!

AlterrOnmi 0

I think pushing his face in it and rubbing it in well work better

Screw you guys, I'm going home!

anonymous100000 17

or contact the parents and if it doesn't stop then call the police...

Whoa. Shows how wild some kids can be these days. You know you should have just hid and waited for him while holding a baseball bat and scared the shit out of him (no pun intended). And who the hell lets their 9 year old son watch South Park?

Agreed. That would be great to see on video!

This. Would. Be. EPIC!

Nice. All while screaming "Respect my AuthoriTa!"

Nightslasher606_fml 5

YOU SHOULD RESPECT HIS AUTHORITAH! But seriously, the shows rated TV-MA for a reason. Just because the kids in the show are 9, doesn't mean that he should be watching it at 9. You should really talk to your neighbors about him watching it, and what he does and doesn't repeat from the show. Unless, of course, your neighbors are the type of people who think their son is perfect and does nothing wrong. Then, you're screwed.

OP isn't screwed if he decides to fight fire with fire....

then you can crap in a bag, put it on their porch and light it on fire like in Billy Madison

Brittaneyyy 0

*7 I've pretty much have been watching that show for as long as I can remember n I've come just fine it's not the shows maybe it's the maturity or the lessons the parents instill in their child

Well it's probably because of the kids in the show. Monkey see monkey do.

Err he isnt screwed, you should visit your neughbours and when they're not around take a crap in that fuckers bed. That'll show him :p

You should up the ante, and make it specific by smearing yours all over his window.

The best thing to do in this situation would be to take a leaf from Cartman's book. Use his strategy from the Scott Tenormsn Must Die episode. Make the kid eat his own parents. Now that's what I call revenge!

peppermintstick 0

That is my very favorite South Park episode! 'Tears of unfathomable sadness... they're so salty!'

Or get a horse to bite the kids penis off!

I gotta try that!

Put bear traps in your garden ;)

Then put candy in the traps

I think he's right though.