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By Anonymous - 16/04/2012 12:38 - United States - West Palm Beach

Today, I watched as my neighbor walked to my front lawn, looked me right in the eye, and pissed on my mailbox. FML
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mduffy08 8

Here comes all the puns. OP: I'd be pissed.

Just_STFU_Please 13

And you just stood there and watched him? You shoulda knocked his ass out. How disrespectful.

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X_Codes 11

No, but s/he has a new friend request on Facebook...

LoveMay 10

"Now I'll never get those advertisement brochures they always dump in my mailbox!"

All things aside, that mailbox is now his territory. I suggest you do what is necessary and piss on it. Otherwise you're mailman won't know where to deliver you're mail. Do it, and do it meow!

Ready the catapult. Make sure you get the extra strength brand of rocks as ammo.

OP, just shit on his porch. Then light it on fire.

Piss on his FRONT LAWN and tell him it's a great fertilizer

mischiefkel 17

I would be so pissed off. :)

Michael_92 20

I would have got my camera and took a few pics..put them on fb and such. Also show the local sheriff and see if he could do anything about it.

Step one: get a squirt gun (one with decent range) Step two: piss in it until it's full Step three: wait for your neighbor Step four: hit him over the head with a bat (this step is optional) Step five: squirt him with piss (if you did step four, make sure he is conscious before proceeding with step five) And remember, Have fun! ;)

Put some gasoline on it! Not a lot though! Just enough to get it burning :)

Here's the mail, it never fails. It makes me want to wag my tail. When it comes I want to wail - Mail!

olpally 32

Thank you for that comment, how original... Op, just go over there and give him a treat for being a good dog and not peeing in the house...

You see, there is this button called 'I agree, your life sucks'. It's amazing technology really. You should try it sometime.

jasmine1259 2

Not every comment has to be overly witty or a bad attempt at a joke. Quit being a couple of douches.

Yes, but we ALL know that it sucks. If it didn't suck it would be on the My Little Pony fan page or something, not FML.

Where the hell do you live that your neighbor was pulling his junk out and pissing right out front???

cherry72 13

Lol. Are there places to live where that's alright? Lmao

It would be easy to get away with in the country. Though if we saw you and you were not a drunken friend we would not bother with police. We would take it into our own hands.

Hopefully there there was only junk mail in the mail box. That would have been quite handy instead of disposing it yourself.

Ninjasaurus18 9

Probably Detroit. Or Alaska. Or Miami. There are drunks and assholes in Detroit, Alaska and Miami. Js.

jerseyboy732 16

Yeah **** man. Man up and go do some serious damage rather than posting a FML.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

How would one shit inside a mailbox?

zingline89 18

Thank you! All the puns so far were shit. Finally a good one...

littlemsweirdo 12

The neighbor pissed him off!

nollid7 5

Call the cops, say he was naked and he'll get a sexual predator sticker on him. He shouldn't have ****** with you or your mailbox. That's a double whammy. That's ******* with a piece of Federal property. What a dumbass. ^_^

Shit on his stoop. Hell if you can manage shit in a bag and stick it in his mailbox. Wait...laxative brownies.

Lol, an angelic picture called angel of Saturn suggested "shiting on his stoop." Lol, last thing I expected.

I'm pretty sure that counts as vandalism, public urination, public disturbance, something. Call the cops on his ass!

The_Troller 14

I'm just gonna take a guess and say he doesn't care very much.

I don't know what the law is in Florida, but in Maryland, public urination can get you labeled a sex offender.

LO388 7

88 - It's actually highly encouraged in Florida.

sweettpie129 11

More like call the cops on his dick...