By SonOfaSpy - 18/07/2011 01:51 - United States

Today, we found out why we were getting notes on our door telling us to "move out or else." As my mom works for the government and we have a direct-TV dish on our roof, our neighbor thinks we were sent to listen to his phone calls and read his mind. We were here before he was. FML
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He knows too much. Dispose of him quickly.

Crazy guy. Go along with it just for the hell of it. :P


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Whats wrong with being the son of a bacon?

When you say "lol JK" what you said was pretty much pointless

tylersign 11

Read his mind? Seems kind of extreme doesn't it?

idontcare8l 3

should have stoped before " that son of a b**** lol JK, son of a spy! "

alright, so my comment was lame, I'll admit that. no need to attack tho man.

I'm so sorry. Here, have some imaginary cookies.

littlemissFYL 5

this FML is like the movie "Disturbia." your neighbor should only start worrying if they catch you butchering people.

new to FML, not to sound dumb but what does OP stand for?

juicedboi 7

Put a note on his door. "Do you know who I work for? And what will happen to you if I go missing. Best be on your best behavior. Also you know that thing you do in the loungeroom when you think nobody is watching. Stop."

dont be so mean just tell him. OP means oval penis

Listen 75, I'm going to be nice here and say the real meaning: Orange Platypus. I too struggled at first, but now you know!

BeautyMonster 17

88 stop lying! The poor bloke comes here and asks politely for the real meaning and you have to lie to him... people these days. So rude!

SarahMae2014 10

you soo should, it'd be funny to see what he did

Why is the real meaning of OP always thumbed down, heavily? OP = obese penis

88: Wouldn't mind getting oily with you :P

tjv3 10

tell him if he doesn't stop you will erase his mind with your portable d5-nebumind wand or you will cook him alive in his sleep with your hand held microwave laser gun

op=original poster (hey, someone has to be serious)

"read his mind".......... tell him to wear a tin foil hat

MagicGiraffe 12

I'm telling you the government is everywhere! *hides in bomb shelter in a corner hugging a box of giraffe-feed*

lovexbox 8

If the neighbor is really that paranoid chances are he is hiding something.

Post a note on his door saying, "Stop having phone sex, I'm tired of hearing it." Heck, if he's already paranoid, might as well have a little fun with it.

tell him to stop thinking of dirty things

22cute 17

make him a foil hat, that sould calm him down

Not at all, he is most likely suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. A genetic having nothing to do with guilt or hiding something.

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Stupid is harsh. Some prefer the word "mentally challenged"

Wow, thanks for that comment. You really contributed to this FML and my whole experience on FML. Just kidding. Please keep these comments to yourself. You're not helping anyone.

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you're** As in, you're welcome.

omg stop with the grammar nazis.... it's the Internet not a formal essay

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Crazy guy. Go along with it just for the hell of it. :P


then op have people across the street watching like their house is area 51 or some shit.

Yeah I agree! It'll be fun to mind **** him!

OakChair 14

he won't believe you when you deny it anyway, so you may as well.

He knows too much. Dispose of him quickly.

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Both the comment and your picture are hilarious! (Will there be buttsecks?-creepface-) LOL

If someone was blind they wouldn't be able to read your comment making it as equally unimportant as his and thus rendering your logic useless.

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Are any of our comments important or logical? No. That's the point of the website.

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Naturally he doesn't want you to see or hear his rocking to a strobe light naked.

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Fruitmonster2 15

Which one? Because there is a suspicious red one. *eyes dart back and forth*

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wtf? creeper. run away fast.