By TheThirdWheel
Today, I walked in on my boyfriend of 2 years and my best friend of 10 years making out in my bedroom. I stared and when they noticed me, my boyfriend didn’t even bat an eye and suggested we have a threesome. My best friend immediately agreed. FML
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By  interesting33  |  36

wow. you deserve do much better OP! Cracked has a good article: '18 Surprisingly Helpful Tips For Getting Over A Breakup'

  izzajaneful  |  24

Well you can’t cheat unless you’re in a relationship, so that skews perception. Plenty of people who have cheated in the past may not be in a relationship now, but we don’t notice them as cheaters anymore as they can’t currently cheat.

  htx4life  |  4

cheating is the new norm people don't value relationships as much an sometimes its all over lust. happens to majority of relationships some go unnoticed or discoveres. maybe more so in a women's case women are really careful usually when doing this. us men get real sloppy an get caught up pretty fast just my opinion

  davidgrmedina  |  3

I completely agree with you, but the reason why that is, is because usually you and your best friend are the same person in a different body. Same interest, same personalities and same taste in guys. So most likely if you think he is perfect and live certain things about him, your best friend probably feels the same way but keeps her mouth shut and some don't. About your SO, they are drawn to the best friend because they are identical to the girlfriend/wife, just maybe have a physical appearance he can't resist... but cheating is cheating. Poor girl.

By  aruden  |  25

I mean does he get points for boldness and creativity? Normally you hear the oh I slipped and my tongue went down her throat on accident or she was choking so I did mouth to mouth to save her life.

By  PenguinPal3017  |  19

It sounds to me like they wanted to get caught so they could suggest this.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

Today, I’ve had a thing for my best friend for years and thought I could act on it with a threesome. She finally found the right guy, but then she rejected me. FML

There’s your Rashamon there!