By fionnathehuman - 09/10/2012 22:56 - United States

Today, my 6-year-old son pooped in the back yard and used a stick to throw it over the fence into my neighbor's yard. FML
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Props to him. I think that's pretty awesome, especially to do that at 6.

Agreed with the awesome comment. You can almost hear the neighbors now... "honeyyy I think somethings wrong with dog."

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Knowing my neighbors, I wish I thought of this first.

Congratulations!! If you plan this right for the next 12 years or so, you could have a wealthy politician or lawyer son supporting your retirement..

The sad part is he had to have learned this from his parents. How would you like your nabbers chucking there dog shit on your lawn? If this is the case,you are pathetic OP.

This kid has earned the name, Scumbag Son.

Your picture is perfect for this post... Just saying

Not sure how to feel for knowing this, but due to excessive amounts of pathogens in human manure you can't safely use it as compost, unless you treat it with some chemicals.

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Hey, at least he's helping the environment (er, neighbors) by giving them free fertilizer :D

Since its an American kids turd it's more likely to kill a plant than fertilize it.

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I kno, I just had to write that one :p my bro actually came up with it

5: So a French kid's turd is supposed to make a plant flourish? No need to discriminate here.

You kidding?! Discriminating is fun! Count your lucky stars he's not Korean. That ************ would've blown!

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Your son will be going place in the world!

Stay in school, learn to spell and you could be too!

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I think you mean "to". "Too" applies an abundance, whereas "to" is a synonym of "as well" which would be more appropriate in that sentence.

43- i think you are a tad confused there my friend. Your descriptions are the opposite way around.

43 tried to come across as intellectual but failed.

I don't know about you, but I don't keep dictionaries in the kitchen. Props for a girl who tries! ;)

You don't need a dictionary to know that, it's elementary.

Although 43 was wrong, too does indicate if something is excessive, and it also means 'also'. To is for direction or verbs.

43 - how much fail can there be in the world??

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Well, that's the last time I attempt to make a witty comment on FML...

Shh.. Just don't attempt to correct someone unless you legitimately understand your correction!! Grammar Nazi imposter!

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I think it's time for a nice scolding and grounding period for your son /:|

Grounding a six year old? From what, his toy cars?

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Whatever works lol :P I don't get why my comment got thumbed down so much. Do we actually want to encourage this kind of behavior (as funny as it is)? :/

Where did he learn this vile trick? I'd nip this habit in the bud op

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My assumption would be that he heard the words "shit" and "neighbors" in the same sentence from mommy and daddy :)

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