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Today, I realized my mom cares more about Kurt's bullying problem on Glee than she does for mine. FML
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Cosplay as Kurt. Problem solved.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Lemme guess, she spent $80 on iTunes buying the soundtrack



stephmariee17 0

why would you even bother writing this comment? is it just to give you the satisfaction that your first? haha. you should write an actual comment..

Cosplay as Kurt. Problem solved.

Screw Glee, Kurt, and whatever shit they sing.

... uv never watched it have u

I've watched enough episodes to confirm my judgement. Too many I realized. I don't keep track of what character gets pregnant or who's gay. Show is stupid.

Jaimegirl 7

Aww :( sorry OP

prince122 0

^holy jugs.

Learn digital imaging and you can make your own.

30- you have some huge boobies! I'd love to motorboat them oh yeeea!

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f**k that show and TV

maybe you should kick said bullys ass.problem solved.

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aha. maybe you should tell your mom that your a priority and not the stupid t.v. show. thats not real, and you are.

The show might not be real, but it shows things that really do happen to people. Kurt being bullied for being gay is a constant struggle for more gay people than just him, and any of the other people on the show that are bullied. The mom should care about the son more than the show though.

glee deserve it, op fyl sorry

87, I guess people should stop being so gay... problem solved!

then maybe your mom would care if you told her you were getting bullied for being gay!

imcheerish 0

u suck!

I liked Glee when it started. First several episodes were clever musicals. Now it's just Degrassi with music.

I like coldplay and glee. you seem to have a lot if time to bitch about things, no one's forcing you too watch or listen to them.

Go weeds style on him. Use your lunch tray and teach him a thing or two.

OP I'm very sorry maybe you should tell her that your a priority and Kurt isn't...

No, OP, DON'T tell your mom that you're a priority and Glee isn't. Why? Because she'll just think you're being an over-dramatic teenager. Instead, use Glee/Kurt to make a point and get her to notice- if you say, 'speaking of kurt and stuff, something like that is happening to me', and just straight up talk to her and don't make a scene about how she cares about fake stuff more than you - because dude, it's your MOM. She cares more about you than anything else. She will listen. Good luck.

Miouya 0

true that

Stan_Cubed 7

182 i don't think that would work with a mom as disillusioned as this mom.

That kinda sucks./:

EverybodyHatesCh 0

I don't see the problem in this FML. The only thing I see is that KURT SHOULD NOT BE BULLIED!!!!! :( So sad So sad :( P. MotherF***ing. S. Just Kidding. :)

well, thing is, unless Ur gay, I wouldn't care either

awe Kurt :(

I din't understand why these shows get so popular. They seem rather stupid to me...

Kurt is sooo gay!!! (did you see what I did there?!? ;D)

lilmisslovely13 15

115 That's incredibly stupid and doesn't make sense.

130-it makes a lot of sence

Srry pressed send by accident I was supposed to say. It makes a lot of sense you need to put an accent on the statement.

130, Kurt is literally gay. what doesn't make sense?

forgettingsunday 0

153- I think what they meant to say was "that's not ******* funny, please stop". at least that's what I thought.

There's this kid a grade below me named Kurt and he's gay

161- I don't think anyone cares

Kurt gets bullied a lot and I do not like it one little bit!

Yeah but it's a tv show, not real life

lilmisslovely13 15

That's just one of the amazing things about Glee. It opens your eyes to all the types of bullying, and you realize that it's really out there. But in this case, it seems to have taken the opposite route. Sorry OP.

katiemarie23 0

The sad thing is it takes a shit show like Glee to bring awareness to these issues.

agaba 0

i moterated this and y do people love glee so much i think it sucks

um, glee= best show ever


im a guy gleek and il admit it :P

it's just like twilight personally I can't sit through either.

isn't gleeking masturbating to the the songs of glee while contemplating serious past mistakes that led you to this moment?

SmallTownCutie 0

Glee is supposed to be a show breaking down the many stereotypes there are, but the show enhances them if anything. Their songs would be better if they were original, but they pick popular songs so that they can get viewers. I've seen a few episodes, but I don't like the show.

It started good. Then the producer became a money grubbing ***** and stopped caring about the original intention of the show. Have you read the stuff that guy says about bands that ask Glee to not do their music? He's a little bitch.

zebraface 15


zebraface 15

I was agreeing to 41's comment

Dude. I hate that glee shit too. If you moderated it why did u allow that shit to enter our minds.

haileemarie7 6

F your moms life for liking Glee...

Hailee is a sexy name. Just saying.

haileemarie7 6

Thank you!

Ashleywatterson_fml_fml 0

heck yeah!!!

My pleasure.

magarkatherine 1

be nice dood, glee is amazing

Comment moderated?! Sheesh, I didn't think it was a bad thing to say.

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Start singing. That'll get her attention!

agreed. lol

GagaForGaga103 1

that's a pretty good idea.! :D

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Lemme guess, she spent $80 on iTunes buying the soundtrack

This is getting almost as bad as the "shitty situation" puns got.

Heather_x0x0 6

win for another FML reference

39: it's not her fault that Glee FML are in the same quantity as Shitty FML

9, pryvit!

Man, buying $80 on glee songs sounds like a bi-winning shitty situation

Got_any_grapes1 4

That is because he said blink nurf ge