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  jess6blondie9  |  2

The show might not be real, but it shows things that really do happen to people. Kurt being bullied for being gay is a constant struggle for more gay people than just him, and any of the other people on the show that are bullied. The mom should care about the son more than the show though.

  miss_la_rue  |  6

No, OP, DON'T tell your mom that you're a priority and Glee isn't. Why? Because she'll just think you're being an over-dramatic teenager.

Instead, use Glee/Kurt to make a point and get her to notice- if you say, 'speaking of kurt and stuff, something like that is happening to me', and just straight up talk to her and don't make a scene about how she cares about fake stuff more than you - because dude, it's your MOM. She cares more about you than anything else. She will listen. Good luck.


That's just one of the amazing things about Glee. It opens your eyes to all the types of bullying, and you realize that it's really out there. But in this case, it seems to have taken the opposite route. Sorry OP.

By  agaba  |  0

i moterated this and y do people love glee so much i think it sucks


Glee is supposed to be a show breaking down the many stereotypes there are, but the show enhances them if anything. Their songs would be better if they were original, but they pick popular songs so that they can get viewers. I've seen a few episodes, but I don't like the show.

  CitrusGirl  |  0

It started good. Then the producer became a money grubbing whore and stopped caring about the original intention of the show. Have you read the stuff that guy says about bands that ask Glee to not do their music? He's a little bitch.