By car - 21/08/2010 05:25 - Australia

Today, after a costly fix for my brakes that failed a while back as I was going down a hill, I found a $130 bill in the mail attached to a speed camera photo of me shitting myself. FML
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Fight the ticket in court, I'm sure you'll get it overturned or at least lessened.

I get it. OP said that he was going down hill when his breaks went out, so he must've zoomed by a speed camera and it caught him in the moment of freaking out over it, aka "******** himself." Frankly, I laughed. But OP gets a FYL. Take it to court with records of your breaks being fixed (receipts, etc) and of course the ticket and picture. I'm sure the story would amuse the judge.


hahah I can relate to this since you're from Australia =D gotta hate multi-novas

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lmaoooo #9, u r epic .. thanks for making my day lol

#9 lmao he's taking over fml with his comments xD

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ohhh brakes, I thought it said braces... LOL fail

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I don't get how the camera got you ******** yourself...i mean,how would it catch your ass if your sitting in the car? lmao

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it's alright but next time don't shit your self next time.

rallets 22

im not understanding? you broke your brakes than shit youself now you have to pay 130$? this makes no sense to me!

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41 He had messed up brakes so when he was going down a hill he couldn't slow down which scared him and made him shit his pants. He was going beyond the speed limit so a speed camera caught him and he had to pay 130 for a speeding ticket.

lmfao @9, 15 on the other hand, that was SAD, please stop trying, u might hurt yourself ;)

9 took my line that's all I am going to say

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43 the op is female just so you know. doesn't make a difference, it just bugs me when people don't bother looking :/

simple attach a copy of the repair bill to the traffic ticket. it may get waived if you explain along with the repair bill of what happened.

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#39-you probably get this alot but you are super duper gorgeous(:

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Fight the ticket in court, I'm sure you'll get it overturned or at least lessened.

54... you are wrong hahahaha you fight charges and tickets IN court. you take people/cops/rta to court. hence the post was correct in saying fight it IN court.

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We'll settle this like men. I'll sue.

84 - I read "To court!" what did you read?

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how would it be possible to see yourself ******** yourself? unless it was in color or something like that.

Most likely it shows that oh **** look on his face that people get when the shit is hitting the fan.

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thats kindof strange and funny at the same time..

Lmfao unless the picture was insidr his car and showed him ******** himself maaaybe this would make sense because I dont get it.