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Today, I found out that my mom isn't coming to see me for Christmas. Instead she'll be spending it in jail for a DUI and battery. Thank you to my cocklick of an aunt for taking a recovering alcoholic to a bar and pressuring her into relapse. FML
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olpally 32

The aunt should be the one in jail. What a ****.


alex_the_tiger 14

You can press charges on the aunt and the charges can be averted to her since she forced your mom to drink therefore being responsible for your moms actions

Merry Christmas! (sarcasm) New Year's may be worse.

Seriously #12. It already states in the OP that she is Swedish. not everywhere has the same f***** up legislation as in the US. Time to look outside that little box you live in.

Well anyways, whether the aunt is to blame or your mother... AA is for quitters! (Joking of course, I totally support breaking bad habits)

I'm a recovering alcoholic (3 years now), and this FML breaks my heart a bit. I feel for your mother, but I in no way blame your aunt. Your mother chose to get off that wagon. An alcoholic has absolutely no business in a bar.

What has already happened can't be changed. It's what she does from this point forward.

caohm 18

cocklick? that's definitely a new insult for me . I see you're the level of pissed where you make up words. Like Ryan Reynolds calling that vampire chick a thundercunt.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

40- Stop leeching off of people to try and get people to see your comment.

caohm 18

I'm not leeching off anyone just voicing my opinion like you. you're doing the generic put down someone else's comments in a serious tone hoping to look more mature. Relax sir and stop being a such pompous ass.

You're missing the point "sir" you are thread jacking by expressing an opinion unrelated to the original comment for the purpose of it being seen. A normal comment would be somebody commenting on the comment that starts the thread or has to do with the existing conversation in said thread. You know... Just a little FYI incase you didn't know you were doing something that gets frowned upon

Love that you said that #2. Let go and let live.

Does your aunt not pay attention to her own sister? Fyl :(

mpj13 8

Haha this is a lot like the blink 182 song I won't be home for Christmas.

Haha, nothing more hilarious than family tragedy, am I right or am I a dick?

mpj13 8

Cause this website isn't primarily used for the purpose of humor or anything, right?

MichellinMan 20

^ Psshhh, of course not. It's group therapy for the OP!

olpally 32

The aunt should be the one in jail. What a ****.

Why? Unless the aunt held her down and shoved the alcohol down her throat. She should have enough self control to not be easily broken.

Easier said then done with a recovering alcoholic.

~Yeah! And people with autism should have enough self control to not have autism! And people with limps should have enough self control to not limp! What are those people thinking? They're just not TRYING hard enough!~ That's how stupid you sound 22.

34, that is without a doubt the most inaccurate comparison you could've come up with.

MyUsernameKatie 31

They're both medical conditions. But yea, agree 34

Comparing autism and alcoholism is just wrong. Alcoholics overcome alcoholism everyday, however one cannot just overcome autism with pure willpower. Comparing the two takes away some of the responsibility from the alcoholic which just gives them a crutch to use when quitting becomes tough.

gabe222 25

Alcoholism is an addiction... Therefore it is considered a mental illness. Same as drug addicts, don't be so quick to say mommy didn't have self control. Quitting any addiction is extremely difficult and while the mom can be held accountable by the law, the aunt should be held accountable for being a complete tool.

I'm with you 47. Addiction, in my opinion, is not a disease. You don't choose to have autism or cancer. You choose to pick up a drink or a pipe or a syringe. It is about mental strength and will power. OP's mother should've told her sister hell no, because if she really is a recovering alcoholic, she ought to have known she can't control her drinking. With that, I return to my white russian. Merry Christmas everybody!

Mental illnesses can't all be put into one huge category of incurable diseases. There's a large gray area when it comes to what the psychological committee decides is a mental illness. Blaming the brain isn't always the answer.

Autism and alcoholism being compared as the same thing. Holy ****, with that logic we really should blame video games for all the violence in the world. Addiction is bad yes and people who have their addictions have to fight them every day but comparing that to someone with autism. You're a ******* tool.

Thank you's ******* insulting to people with incurable diseases.

They're (alcoholism and autism) obviously very different things, but they're both very serious illnesses (addiction IS classified as an illness) and alike in that they're impossible to "cure" with something like willpower alone. The biggest difference is obviously that alcoholics usually choose to pick up that first drink, and those born with conditions such as autism are usually, well, /born/ with it. I don't think anyone was really saying they're the same thing, but more like that when it's to the point of addiction, alcohol addiction is just as hard/impossible to cure as a mental illness. You can't simply will away autism or depression or even a broken leg. It takes will power, yes, but also time, energy, money, etc, and even then sometimes it can't be cured, only managed. Sorry for the novel but I wanted to weigh in. Condolences, OP. I hope you and your family manage to have a good christmas (away from your horrible aunt) anyway.

You state that alcoholism cannot be cured with will power, yet I personally know someone who has done just that. So yes, I'm here to tell you that it can be done.

Alcoholism isn't curable with willpower?? Ummm yes it is. Most recovering alcoholics say it's all about Will power. They have to make and adhere to the decision to never pick up a drink again. Comparing the two is a ******* insult, I have alcoholics in my family and an autistic cousin, they are totally different things. And I will reiterate, you are a ******* tool if you think there is any sort of comparison.

Addiction is a choice, plain and simple. It's a fact you can't fight. They might not choose to get addicted to something, but they choose to try something that is addicting.

I'm saying this as an alcoholic myself... You're wrong. It is insanely difficult to overcome, but it is all still a CHOICE, not a disease. She chose to drink, from her first to her last. Blaming the aunt is honestly somewhat similar to holding Budweiser commercials responsible because it put thoughts in her head. No one is saying it's easy... Alcoholism is an evil thing, and I'm lucky that I got out alive, and I fight for that every day, but I would be DAMNED if I set foot in a bar, unless I had decided that I would drink again!!!!

MyUsernameKatie 31

For the moment, I'm going to speak as someone with an incurable disease. Life is hard. I didn't chose this, I didn't have a choice. I didn't bring this on myself. Depression is a daily battle and I hate life. Now I'm going to speak as someone who has struggled with addiction. It was my choice in the beginning, but now I need it. It takes everything I have to walk away, and sometimes I can't. It's not my choice anymore, it's a sickness, a physical need to have it, whether it's smoking, drinking, sex, drugs, etc. Two sides to every damn story

So we have an addict who says she overcame it with willpower and one who says it can't be per come with willpower. I think I'll believe the one who overcame it with willpower aka the living proof.

To the one who said they're cured...can you go out and drunk now and stay within reasonable limits? I'm more than willing to bet not - because you aren't cured of your addiction. You no longer partake in your addiction, but you aren't "cured" of it.

Addiction is difficult to break. That being said, I have successfully quit smoking. It took many tries, many tears, many clenched fists and short tempered days where all I wanted to do was scream or yell at even my loved ones because of the withdrawals and stress. That being said. I quit. It wasn't a disease. It wasn't like autism where I could CHOOSE (DESPITE the difficulties). I told myself I don't want the negative outcomes of smoking anymore - and I chose another path. Despite the DESIRE to smoke, despite the EASE of smoking, despite the pain, tears, and frustration. It wasn't easy. No it wasn't easy. It's not supposed to be. Telling an addict that they are powerless over their addiction is the #1 way to get that addict back into their addiction. That's bullshit and frankly hurting society as a whole. It's not about willpower, it's not about it being a disease. It's about patience, learning to be okay with the desire (that will never really ever go away), and learning to walk a different path. Stop blaming the brain. Stop blaming your genetics. Stop blaming external factors. The minute an addict truly takes responsibility, they have the power to quit. The minute you give them an excuse to continue their behavior, they will continue.

Dealing with alcoholic or drug addicted family members is brutal. Sorry OP. Hopefully things get straightened out after this.

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That's just wrong. F her life indeed, not yours. I can't tell if that's illegal or just morally incorrect. Oh. And brofist for being Swedish. Horray for pewds.

My mother is also an alcoholic OP. Last year I spent Christmas Eve with her while she tried to convince my to use the breathlizer in her car to make it start, since she had already had a DUI, all whilst my younger brother sat in the back seat. I feel your pain.