By sucks_brah - 25/12/2009 07:25 - United States

Today, my mom got drunk and decided to unwrap all my Christmas gifts and throw them at the wall. Ho, ho, ho. FML
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Unwrap all her Christmas presents and throw them at her face.


Unwrap all her Christmas presents and throw them at her face.

pistonchamp159 0

funny mum she's batshit crazy... on the bright side... early presents:)

I am very saddened that this had to happen to the OP. My parents are terrible alocoholics and I would not put it past my dad to do this. For everyone saying this is funny, it is not. The pain from seeing something like this is just mentally scarring. Trust me. Yes FYL for having to deal with this. I am sorry friend. =(

suckmorethanme 0

get over it. everyone has problems, we dont need to hear about your shitty parents and your problems.

newsgit 0

dude, it's ******* FML. The site is FULL of problems, it's the point of the website. Don't wanna hear the problems? GTFO.

Triniddy 0

if you don't want to hear people's problems, why ar you here..

I am not "complaining" about reading peoples problems, I wasCOMMENTING on my thoughts on this issue. Thats what the COMMENT section is for genius. Dont like it? Leave! Gf

I agree with gothic angel... all they did was comment on their oppinion of the fml... So all of u ppl that are talkin s**t bout him need to GTFO and get a life where ya don't have to pick on ppl on the Internet...

no 45, we were just expressing our opinions so why don't you GTO and get a decent picture that doesn't portray you as an emotionally disturbed freak an stop seeking attention by being an emo. Mm kay?:)

jollyjam1 2

Having a mom that does drugs is a bad deal. Sorry man.

she was not on drugs she was drunked ( alchool)

wizzard_fml 0

ooh my, what a massive difference it makes what substance was abused! It sucks either way, poor OP. FHL. And small lulz for the scene ;)

BikerMike 0

what a ****. piss on her stuff and throw them at her.

Sunbolt 0

I'd just sell it on eBay and tell her she gave it all away in her drunken stuper

AntiChrist7 0

So in fact you didn't lose anything, because the presents were not yours yet.