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  YacL  |  15

"Not"!? You totally had me there. I thought it was REALLY great parenting. Good thing you put "not" or I would have believed you.


Really? So when you see a 5/6 year old kid screaming in the grocery store because they want a toy you don't blame the parents? That's entirely the parents fault for not raising the kid right... So if a kid (teen, young adult, whatever) got drunk at a formal party it's a direct connection to the way they were raised

  Stardew  |  19

How can you say children are a reflection of their parents? My mom raised my sisters and me the same way and all three of us are different people. I bought my first house at 23, one sister is in debt up to her eyeballs and she's only 21. The third is almost 19 with no job or license, still lives at home and refuses to go into stores by herself. Same upbringing, different people. I don't see how it is a reflection.


You have a great point, but all it come to is a reflection... Each of you are your own people and will do with your life how you please but a portion of your circumstances is how you reflected on your upbringing.

My grandma has 8 kids all brought up the same... Each of which have their own completely different mistakes, attributes and lives. They all blame it on their childhood and each of them is correct even though they lead their lives differently. It's just a matte of the person and what they subject themselves to.