By Taylor Easley - 17/03/2012 04:53 - United States

Today, my mom was put in jail for beating the shit out of my dad. FML
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cjcstuart 7

Idk who to feel sorry for. You, your mom, or your dad:/


As long as the fight was in the kitchen it's okay.

AlaskanEskimo34 0

Did anybody else bust out laughing after reading that fml? It's always nice to hear some women don't take shit from men.

17- Looking at how men are generally built in comparison to how women are generally built I'd say it's far more likely to be abuse if the husband beats the shit out of a wife. If the wife beats the shit out of the husband I must admit its a little more laughable.

AlaskanEskimo34 0

17-valid point but which do you hear more of men abusing women, or women abusing men? I just think abuse in general is horrible, but men also verbally abuse women more not just physically. Such as the line "get in the kitchen and go make me a sandwich" if you cared enough to ask your girlfriend or female friend how she feels hearing that, she will most likely tell you she "hates that men are sexist and it's degrading to hear that."

RacistPancake 6

22 - That's true that we verbally abuse them, but they mentally abuse us. They use ******* psychological warfare. How is that just?

24- Ha, Jesus, calm down, never once did I say that it's completely ok for someone to beat the shit out of someone for no reason. That's why she went to jail, duh. I was supplying the reason as to why 14 found it humorous in the first place. If you found it in no way humorous yourself I highly suggest you smile and laugh at things that cannot be changed, and join a club against ***** being beat out of spouses if you want to make a difference. There are sure to be many and I'd fully support such a group, but don't come on here with your preachy shit. I'm here for a laugh, and I assume the majority of people on FML are on here to do the same.

AlaskanEskimo34 0

Let's just agree abuse is bad. I wasn't saying only men abuse women but we generally are more brutal.

GovernorGeneral 8

^Bitchfight. Fuuck i feel like im everywhere. Prolly cause i havnt slept a bit last nght and its now 9am.

Why is #14 still getting thumbs up! How on earth is it funny to hear a woman beating up a man... obviously this just goes to show how little society is educated in these matters. Some studies show that due to men being less likely to come forward about being victims of domestic abuse, it's actually more likely to actually be just as likely a male victim as a woman. You cannot just assume the man deserved it. TL;DR: Quit victim blaming.

24 is exactly right and seriously women abuse us mentally from the beginning of the relationship on god I hate double standards

ss_20_xx 14

We really need more men like #49.

After all this bullcrap of people arguing on here, #12 made me laugh. Whys he so thumbed down. It's ****** hilarious.

You know that if it was the dad beating the shit put of the mom, everyone would be calling abuse. I hate double standards.

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GovernorGeneral 8

I know that feeling.... The one where you strive to be first so you put a stupid comment like that because you couldnt think fast enough.

33, do people really care that much? It's not like they know anyone here?

Sadly, 63, people do care that much. They think that being one of the very first to comment makes them popular. I'm not sure if it's funny or sad to watch.

71 - It's funny to see them fail, but sad when you realize they sincerely tried for first. So it's both.

only in soviet russia the woman beats the man your parents are russian am i right?

I don't think the soviet joke works like you think it does...

vidwa 0

you obviously haven't seen the video of one man single handedly beating the russian out of at least ten woman in a russian restaurant.

Idiot, there are PLENTY of abusive relationships where the woman beats the man. The media likes to portray otherwise, but you can't be THAT ignorant to the truth.

LoveMay 10

3 - Don't be racist or anything.

cjcstuart 7

Idk who to feel sorry for. You, your mom, or your dad:/

GovernorGeneral 8

No you cant. Theres a law that says you can only feel for one.

Well if that's the case... flip a coin?

GovernorGeneral 8

Fine. i call on its side for the mother.

Tails for the dad cause he's the one with his ass beat.

GovernorGeneral 8

Lol sorry i meant on its edge..side would be either heads or tails x)

GovernorGeneral 8

Nearly impossible to get this but it still is possible...from the simpsons anyways. I say this side cause i dont want anyone to feel anything for the mom cause she deserves it for what she did o.o

I kinda figured that's what you were aiming for when you suggested side/edge, which I'll admit was possibly one of the best responses possible. To be honest I was expecting someone to bash on me since a coin only has 2 likely outcomes.

addiizcherry 0

He could've abused her and she finally stood up.

I think OP would've bothered to add that significant detail.

And the police probably are sexist ***** so they threw the OP's mom in jail because she stood up for herself (sarcasm. If anyone bashes me, I'll burn you so hard you won't ever be able to eat cooked food anymore)

I feel bad for the shit that got beat out of its home.

Sarah_moustache 9

I guess he told her to get back in the kitchen

AlaskanEskimo34 0

Yeah I think the "get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich" shit is getting old. Men quit acting like assholes or women will beat the shit out of you. This was a warning.

GovernorGeneral 8

This was not just a warning. This was a signal. A signal for the beginning of a new end.

******* hate sexist people, makes me want to punch them in the face

I swear every time I see 67's profile pic I burst out laughing...and then die a little inside.

#16, #5 was making a joke. Calm the **** down. You honestly think she beat up her husband for saying that? She could have, but honestly she was probably abusing him for awhile and lost control. By the sounds of your comment you are a sexist idiot. Are you saying that if a woman is a bitch, she deserves to get beaten? No and neither did he. You have no proof he was an asshole anyway.

vidwa 0

i hope you're in the kitchen commenting from the smart stove

maribella1992 0

The kitchen joke is getting old.

pimpnainteasy 5

Well let's start the garden joke :-ap okay I'm kidding, but there are a lot of men who abuse families as well as women, women can do it in a whole mother context due to the simplicity of a males brain we just simply get caught for abuse because the woman is too scared to step up. As for me I would never lay my hand on a female unless out of love. I've slapped asses and I've left bruises during sex but trust me she does the same and I do not complain. Tyvm :-)

I think it's funny that it was a girl that made the comment and everyone is getting all butt hurt

JustDerpin 11

Stop getting all mad. That was a good comment.

BenderJ_fml 5

It's "sammich", not "sandwich". Now get back to the kitchen!

Nothing says I love you more than a good ole fashion ass kickin.

St. Patrick's Day brings the best out of everyone right!?

GovernorGeneral 8

Wrong. Christmas does. Brings out everyones inner greed.

Such a lose lose lose situation :(. Well, I hope it gets better OP

SolarGirl32 6

The ****? Every time I think I've seen the most moronic comment possible someone proves me wrong. Even if you're trolling that was just idiotic.

jDCrackpot 7

FYL for your mum being in jail, but she deserves it. If your dad did it to your mum everyone would think he was a total scumbag, it shouldn't be any different for violence against men by women.

I've heard of wifebeaters, but husband beaters? what kind of shirt would you wear for that? This world doesn't make sense anymore... I give up. :/

Well that's a very sexist comment. Of course there are husband-beaters. Just most women think they're gender is completely perfect and all men are assholes. They're not.

Ifailsobadly - your username is oddly accurate. Most women feel that way? Have you conducted a poll in the matter? Please post your research here and enlighten us. Wait, you mean you were just being a generalising twit?

Thanks doc, you're very helpful in a non-suck-up way.

Luckyman22 5

Men are actually abused a lot in today's society both physically and verbally but most are to ashamed to go to the authorities.