By Anonymous - 26/12/2011 09:55 - United States

Today, my once-alcoholic mom told me that she would sell me for a shot of vodka. FML
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Vodka? She could probably sell you for better than that.

Don't do it. Get at least 4 shots. Pass them around.


Vodka? She could probably sell you for better than that.

Naw, I bet she's worth about 3 pints of guiness, or 1 barrel of fermented wine, or about 1 case of russian vodka.

OP needs to tell her mom that her mom's worth a shot in the kneecaps. With a gun.

Hey at least OP's mom doesn't break into her child's house and drink an entire bottle of really expensive wine...

are you sure she's no longer an alcoholic?

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Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.

Don't do it. Get at least 4 shots. Pass them around.

No. He said "Don't do it. Get at least 4 shots. Pass them around."

Buttsexpirate 9

Damn... That's ****** up. I know the feeling. My mom told me she'd sell me to a mad scientist for sex, and she did and he turned me into a buttsexpirate. :(

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well at least you know you're worth something. :)

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I'm not understanding why this is a FML? This is more of a **** Yeah! moment...

Do a shot auction. Show her how much youre worth!

starting the bidding at 9 shots, anyone?

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Would have or would? If she said would and was actually serious then she still has a alcohol problem and shouldn't be allowed to be a mom if she is willing to sell her own daughter. If she actually tries to sell you she will be going to jail and you'd be taken from her custody cause she would been seen unfit to raise you or any child. I really hope for your sake she was joking.

desireev 17

Please... Do understand.. I am probably the nicest girl you'll ever come in contact with. I really am.. But I really hope that you don't honestly believe that OPs' mom meant it when she said she'd sell her for a shot of vodka, did you? If so,.... Nevermind... I'm going now... Have a nice day! :)

could be worse, she could be willing to sell you for a can of bud lite or another cheap beer.

desireev 17

True that! You could be sold for a can of Wisconsins Best or an Old English 40! A shot of Vodka around here is goin for $6.. Like she said, (^^^) it could be worse..

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better than a shot of gin . gin is so ******* gross, in my 19 year old opinion anyway.


Well aren't you cool, you're 19 and you already drink. REBEL.

Here's an idea, he might live in the U.K. The legal drinking age over there is somewhere below 19. That or he's underaged.

lindseykcool 6

Putting his age is irrelevant anyways. So yes, it seems like he's trying to be a show off by telling everyone he's nineteen and drinks.

#21 Where I come from, the legal drinking age is 18.

A7X_LoVeee 10

The United States is the only country where the drinking age is 21(apart from the ones where it's completely illegal). There are countries where it is 18 and even below that. Don't really see how he comes off as "showing off."


Yes but was putting his age really relevant?

It was just showing he didn't have "the taste" for gin yet being 19...maybe someday someone will make him a Tom Collins and then he will know how gin is supposed to be consumed!