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Today, my sister and I were both on Facebook, updating our statuses. I set mine to "just got released from hospital with Baby Lily", as I'd had a baby earlier this week. My sister set hers to "menstrual blood smells like shrimp". Her status got 37 likes. Mine got none. FML
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FYLDeep 25

Detail what afterbirth smells like on your next status. Try to outdo her.


zerobahamut03 2

Aw I am sorry OP, if I had been your friend I would have "liked" your comment. Babies ftw!


maybe if your baby smelled like shrimp and didn't look like an alien...

Facebook is life stupid. It's only true if it's on facebook.

Am I the only one that found that terribly disturbing?

tweetbaby14 18

OP what your sister said is nasty... beyond nasty now that I think about it. congrats on the baby :)

iGrenade 0

oh no! no likes! your life is ruined!

Your sister probably has friends that like everything she says - my friend is like that, she likes EVERYTHING! Even stuff she doesn't know about.

is this seriously what fml has come to? people complaining that they didn't get likes on their status? quit whining and go spend time with your new child

catlynnpenn 0

13: got what? the shrimp smell? good for you then.

lionandthelamb61 9

The only thing more obnoxious, redundant, moronic, and unnecessary than saying "first" when you're the first to comment, is saying "first" when YOU'RE NOT EVEN FIRST!!!

hawtstuff92 0

aww, congrats :) menstrual blood does smell like shrimp.. but I guess her status is pretty sexual, so that's why so many people like it I guess. or you're just a ***** who sleeps around(like me)

You're ugly and fat and stupid. and ugly. like realllly ugly.

Uhm, who are you lashing out at? If it's to me, I wasn't directing my comment to you. You should take notes and try to make it a little more obvious who you're addressing (IE put the number!).

98 is correct on all counts, including comment 91. Honestly, I think hawtstuff92 is a dirty old man using a pic from some lingerie or modeling site.

This site obviously has a data mapping issue. The 91 there now isn't the one I agreed with, earlier. But it will likely change back eventually, anyway.

Looks like the 91 i agreed with is back.

150 - Okay, so I was a little over tired and mistyped something. Please, shit on me some more. I'm only human. If you follow my posts, you'd realize that I have better grammar and sentence structure than you. Any particular reason you're having a conniption fit? I also don't see how my accidental mis-wording of a sentence means I need to grow up. You need to get your facts straight, ma'am. Ayame - I don't know if it's just me, but I still don't understand your comment. And I have no idea who Owen McAwesome is.

99% positive that you're a dude. no real girl would make an account like that v

181, You're comments are always good reading. I can't emulate you, because that just wouldn't be me... literally, I guess...

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