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Today, my boyfriend of five years got me a ring for Christmas. When I opened it, I was speechless and overjoyed. He then said, "It's just a ring. It doesn't mean anything." FML
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rg350dx 29

"He went to Jar-eh who gives a shit."

The words every girl wants to hear after being given a ring. *sigh* So romantic.


rg350dx 29

"He went to Jar-eh who gives a shit."

caohm 18

with their prized rings called the zeros from the ***** to give collection.

Men are like children. They're just brutally honest.

Mmmm in this case I would have been a little scared in his shoes, imagine you think it's just a nice gift for your girlfriend and she starts acting overjoyed. I'd hate for her to think it's a proposal or anything when it's not... I wouldn't know how to handle that situation either. Especially on the spot!

I guess I could understand where he's coming from, in a way... but just because someone gets overjoyed at a ring, it doesn't mean they're assuming it's more than it is. I'd be overjoyed by any form of ring from my boyfriend because of the thought :)

Men are not like children in that regard - women are simply too manipulative to tell each other the truth

The words every girl wants to hear after being given a ring. *sigh* So romantic.

Every girl? Give me a ring + those words = i'll run

JMichael 25

I think she succeeded perfectly. You're just an idiot.

Just because it was sarcastic, doesn't mean it shows. Especially online

Well, about 11 other people seemed to have gotten it so I think I'll still manage to sleep at night even though you didn't.

Want to hear romance? My ex once got me a spherical ice tray.

xSkittle - Her sarcasm came through loud and clear. There are only 3 possible reasons you didn't pick it up: 1) your BastardCo Sarcasmometer was off, 2) you don't own a BastardCo Sarcasmometer, or 3) you're an idiot. So which is it?

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

36- Myself and many other people understood her sarcasm. You must just be an idiot.

I'm going to go ahead and say that it's 3. It sounds like the most viable option of those given.

Misaki18 17

Eh I think my old boyfriend has you guys beat. My boyfriend of 2 years at the time got me a mouse pad and a card written on printer paper in pencil for our 2 year anniversary. *sigh*

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It could've been an engagement ring. How is it not serious?

Yeah, but OP seems to think that because it's not an engagement ring that she was wronged. At least, that's what I gathered from the FML. Yeah, the bf could've let her know it wasn't one in a better way though.

luckyone365 7

The bitch could have received nothing but she's bitter because he doesn't want to wed her ass. Nowhere in the constitution does it says he has to wed her.

Well I guess that speech *puts on glasses* didn't have a nice ring to it

\ 28

And only a few weeks earlier, comments like #4's would've been swiftly buried. FML will never make sense.

What kind of ungrateful bitch throws away a ring her boyfriend got for her as a Christmas gift? She deserves to be dumped if she does that.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

5- "My boyfriend bought me this ring that's probably really expensive. He's not proposing though!! I'll just throw away his money." You're an idiot.

Dude if my bf messed with me like this, throwing it away would be the least of his worries.

Messed with you? How is the bf messing with her? Oh wait, you're one of "those girls" aren't you? You think that you are owed a proposal just because you have time in. Get a grip bitch, maybe the bf wanted to get a nice ring for her without implying he was ready for marriage.

Return it, then tell him "It didn't mean anything".

Common.. It's still a Christmas present. Disappointment is acceptable but there's no reason to be ungrateful about it..

What the.. that's a bit extreme, don't you think?

To be fair, a ring doesn't always mean proposal. And he probably just thought it made a sweet present.

Finally..! Someone with sense! It's just a present! Besides if he actually got her a ring for Christmas and proposed with it too there'd be another FML saying OMG my boyfriend is so cheap he combined my Christmas present and my wedding ring! There's no end to the cribbing!

#27.. If after 5 years of being together and he never gave her a ring before. She probably assumed he was proposing. A lot of people do get married or propose when they give their significant other a ring. That's usually what that kind of gift means. Now, I am not saying that means she can be ungrateful. It's just that a ring can be misleading and may be better as a gift only when there is an intention of marriage. She probably felt after 5 years that he was finally proposing. Also it was a little mean of her boyfriend to say that the ring doesn't mean anything. He could have instead said that the ring is a symbol of his love and the successful 5 years they have spent together and his appreciation of her. He could have even claimed it was a promise ring. Lol It's a FHL because he chose a poor choice of words and. YDI because she jumped to conclusions before he explained.

I have to agree with 7... I gave a ring as a gift to an ex once. And she took it as a promise ring even though I tried and tried to explain it was just a nice gift. I have expensive tastes and like nice things so, when I have the money to, I like to give nice (and more than likely expensive) gifts.

Lesson: just don't give a ring to a girl unless it means SOMETHING more.

73, for what it's worth, my skin used to be really sensitive to chains/most metal so if boyfriends suggested jewelry I'd say rings were best. I think that created the understanding though.

Hold on, isn't there typically a process to being proposed to? I was once engaged and it was much different than simply being given a gift. If a proposal consists of just being handed a ring box, that's a piss poor proposal...

After 5 years, you either need to $#@% or get off the pot. I will never understand people who need 10 years to handwring over whether the person they're acting like they're already married to (living together, sex, kids, split expenses) is "the one." Seriously, if you don't know after 5 years, there's your sign.

He's gotcha there, but he could have said something before you opened it.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

Then he would have completely given it away. "Babe, before you open the next present, just know that I'm not proposing."

Keattles 14

A ring doesn't always mean something like a proposal or a promise ring, but it should still be a bit meaningful!

Well, yeah I'm sure it means something. The bf obviously meant that it didn't mean a proposal. It's not like he meant it in a douche "yeah **** you" way.

if he's been with this woman for 5 years, he's got to know she wants a permanent commitment. It's just cruel (at best, thoughtless) to give someone in that kind of situation a ring if you don't have marriage intended.

Aww thats cute :) sorry its not and engagement ring but its still a ring!!