By infinitegrace - 24/12/2013 21:46 - United States

Today, my car was keyed, while I was still sitting in it. FML
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Hey! Let me start off by saying I'm a 5 foot tall girl and I'm not exactly frightening. Therefore it's not like me getting out of the car would have helped. And to those who said I should have drove off, I was in the passenger seat waiting on my mom so I couldn't exactly do that. And it happened so quickly too. I didn't recognize the guy and by the time I knew what had happened it was too late. Just another idiot trying to make trouble.

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That awkward moment when you guys made eye contact while he did it...


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How are you so sure it was kids? It could have been the grandpa from Bad Grandpa.

People like you piss me off. There are just as many insane adults and who would do such a thing. Oh, and don't forget who raised us "crazy kids."

I really can't see too many people above the age of 25 doing something like this because up until a few years ago you were allowed to protect your possessions by whooping the vandals ass.

OP, if you were in the. car why didn't you drive off?

Obviously the age of the vandals wasnt expressed by OP. Im in my early 20s. its just a saying. Merry Christmas.

You see that follow up? It was a grown man. Not us "crazy kids."

You're still allowed to? No? Cops in Montana would probably arrest the guy that keyed your car if they showed up for starting the incident/provoking it.

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I was going to say maybe they didn't notice but I'm pretty sure it made noise or something.

The way they stated it made it sound like they noticed to me. That's a clear YDI if the OP didn't even have the decency to stand up for herself.

If the person doing it was a guy or two, she may have been really scared and didn't want to do anything.

Keying can happen rather instantaneously, so in the time it took OP to identify the sound, realize what was happening, and get out of her car, the vandal could have completed the keying and started to run away. There's also the possibility that OP couldn't hear the keying over loud music or something, but either way, I think it's unlikely that she would have been able to prevent it by engaging the vandal (which could be dangerous and inadvisable anyway, especially if she was alone). I would be interested to read a follow up from the OP with more details.

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I've seen a car being keyed, it's quick if the guy does it quick.

#17 I was well aware it happened but due to it happening so quick, and me being 5 foot tall and him being a grown man, I didn't think me getting out of the car was the best idea.

That was my second assumption. I too am really small so I can understand that. I at least hope you got some kind of feel of What he looked like to report to the authorities for your sake.

As I suspected. OP, you did the right thing by choosing not to engage them. Even slight provocation could have escalated the situation and put yourself in a physically dangerous position. I am sorry about your car though. That does suck, but material damage is almost always preferable to physical harm.

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That awkward moment when you guys made eye contact while he did it...

That awkward moment when OP doesn't do anything as the guy finishes...

... are we still talking about a car getting keyed here?

and you just sat there. like a sitting duck

#6 OP's child actually was eaten. Why do you have to bring up the past?

Actually #6, there isnt enough info to know whether or not her child was eaten. We need a follow-up, these are the questions that need answered!

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Call the cops. Can't believe that actually happened.

Call the cops or Get out and be a boss!

They also were seriously drunk. It seemed at least. #11

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Call the cops if you see who did it. That's just messed up.