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Today, I discovered that I don't have enough financial aid to continue going to college past this semester. I'm one semester away from graduating. FML
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OP here. To further clarify my situation, I'm working two jobs on top of being a full-time student and it's still not enough. The problem is, the government insists that a person with two jobs should have enough to pay for college so they've reduced the amount of money I can get - never mind that since I only have a high school diploma, I can only get minimum wage. Plus, I don't have any credit established - so I can't get any other loans.

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The college system in America is completely ****** up. Time to start an etsy page

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I don't know much about colleges, but can't you take a temporary break to earn some money and then return for that one semester?


The college system in America is completely ****** up. Time to start an etsy page

This is essentially like tripping over before the finish line in a 10km Run Competition..... **** US college system

I hear there is a market online for used panties. (See previous FML post about it.)

Forget Etsy- do a Kickstarter for potato salad!

ScarletteEve 33

I don't know much about colleges, but can't you take a temporary break to earn some money and then return for that one semester?

OP could probably do that, but taking a break from school when you're almost finally done is probably the last thing anyone wants to do. :(

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#14 it's actually pretty nice to take a break either between hs and college or between junior and senior year. Now, if you were taking that break to just work a minimum wage job, it might not be quite as fun.

Unfortunately if OP has federal student loans and takes a semester off the 6 month grace period before they have to start making payments begins. But because the spring semesters are longer than the fall the grace period wouldn't be long enough and OP's college career would be ended for years due to having to pay off the debt. And if paying off takes more than 5 years OP would have to start college all over as colleges only keep the credits for that amount of time after leaving without a degree. So basically OP's college career is a bust because the U.S. educational system is ****** up.

It's not a whole year, just one semester. OP is that close to graduating but won't be able to pay for one last semester.

#20, no. You can take time off, get a forbearance on the loan, save up money, then resume. You don't have to stay out of school forever and start paying the loans right at 6 months. And when you go back, you don't have to pay on them either as long as you're going full time.

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#20 Not true at all! if OP wants to finish then they just need to file a deferment and the loans will be put on hold. in a deferment there is no interest added. it's super easy to defer student loans. been there and done that

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You are very wrong. I took classes 20 years ago, & those credits were still "good." Now maybe not all credits transfer to different schools, & you may have to take some refresher classes, but you don't lose your credits.

My mom got a degree after 12 years and didn't have to "start college all over." Op might have to do more requirements as the years pass and some courses will of course become obsolete. But nah they will not have to start over from scratch.

I am currently in college and credits do, in fact, expire.

No. Just no. YOUR college may elect to not honor credits OR be referring to education course credit (education pedagogy changes often), but many colleges do NOT stop accepting credit. I'm an academic advisor for a regionally accredited institution and my actual target student is a student who started a long time ago and never finished - I frequently work with students with credit from the 60's and 70's in order to finish a degree.

Well, I guess you should have been born into a wealthier family, then. Obviously, this is your fault and you are paying the consequences for it.

Some people who can't afford to go to school get those state loans to better themselves. Id rather my tax dollars go to the ones who want to strive to do better than have it go to welfare for lazy low life's who just want to live off the system. And you can't choose what family you're born so therefore you are an asshole.

#31 Sounds like someone needs to take lessons in sarcasm 101.

Yeah the original commenter was clearly being sarcastic....

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Yes he was being sarcastic to suggest that there should be some type of paid for college by the government, which #31 replied to in a response that reflected a capitalist belief.

Too bad my tax dollars ARE going to lazy lowlifes who live off the system. Unfortunately, those lazy lowlifes are the 1% who own 99% of the money. And my tax dollars are going to them so they can continue to pay substandard wages and skimp out on giving back to the community. Walmart is practically the welfare king, and I'm not even getting into how they pay their workers so little that said workers actually need foodstamps to survive.

umm not everyone in the welfare system is lazy , there are some hard working people who just don't have the same opportunities as everyone else

financial aid IS student loans, grants, scholarships. You have a limit based on which school you go to and the cost of attendance. I guess OP hit that

Well, I guess they could try an external student loan, from a bank or something. It's not ideal, but at least it's a shot at graduating on time.

Student loans ARE still an option. Many banks offer them. I didnt have financial aid my last year of school and had to take out a private loan from a financial institution. It was extremely easy and I've already repaid it in full. So yeah.. Dont know why #4 is getting down voted..

That's what financial aid is, plus loans usually charge interest

loans are traps except for scholarships, and financial ad but yeah traps

Organs sell for a lot these days, ya know.

yeah just find some hobo. the liver might be shot but there is alway a few good organs

Sorry op, that sucks. Wishing you the best!

Can't you talk to your lecturers about it? Perhaps there's something the college can do to help you out

Talk to the financial aid office. They definitely want you to graduate. It's better for the college (higher graduation rates, more alumni donations coming in, etc.).

Really 54? Wouldn't have know that since they flunked me in all my classes for being in a car wreck. Guess not all colleges care lol.

You know you can appeal failed classes right? If you have a medical excuse you can have a sort of do-over. Plus, the financial aid office did not flunk you that's a different department.

Check with your college to see if they will give you a payment plan option. I did that for two semesters.

maybe someone can give you a temporary loan and you can pay them back afterwards? some rich relative perhaps? it's worth a try :/ good luck!