By mymomsstupid - 29/06/2011 14:51 - United States

Today, I woke up to the news that my mom's in jail. FML
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ooooooh looks like you're on your own for breakfast huh?


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she's a very kinky girl..the kind you don't take home to mother..wait

sometimes they do like if they tell you to not sit on their younger siblings swing set and you do and it breaks then yes moms are right

Haha, I like the reference 22 is making.

you've won $1 000 000! isn't that good news?

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Is your mom married to the guy who was on Cops twice?

You just recently watched Tangled didnt you...

Why does all the exciting stuff happen to other people.

can we trade moms? mine always ends up in Canada :/

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ooooooh looks like you're on your own for breakfast huh?

Ohh breakfast alone... soo scary... I would cry if I had to do that.

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seriously! I almost died when my mom wasn't here this morning buuuuuut she came home with breakfast in hand to save the day lmao

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BREAK THE HOT POCKETS QUICK! Two Minutes of Microwave and YOU ARE SET!!?

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Today, I got sent to jail. FML. That sounds like a very appealiing FML. If the people who post FMLs don't think they are FMLs, they won't post them.

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want a cookie? people go to jail all the time. your moms not the only one.

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your a tool. I hope you know that

She was trying to have sex behind a bush.

my mom was out walking at 4am before she went to work later that morning and she was talking to this guy who has a restraining order as she has one on him too and they got caught by the police ans she got sent to jail. my sister woke me up by telling me this. im 14. fml. hahah.

For taking nude pics of you #8. I found some on Craig's List.

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I love looking at OP usernames