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By Jenn - 03/07/2013 02:39 - United States - Atlanta

Today, I saw my older sister for the first time in three years. We hadn't spoke since I found out that she was the woman my college boyfriend left me for. Unfortunately, our reunion was fueled by her two-year-old son's desire to meet his dad. My husband. FML
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Wow your sisters horrible. Sorry OP for going through that

She's a home wrecking ***** and your husband is a piece of shit too. I'm sorry to hear this. She seems pretty dead set on ruining your life.


Wow your sisters horrible. Sorry OP for going through that

People seem to be forgetting the problem dealing with the fact that her husband is at fault here too...

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Yeah the husband is at fault but he's just one in the long line of douche bags she's going to meet. The real problem is her sister, obviously she has it out for OP because this is the second time something like this has happened.


Her sister's horrible. Absolutely. But I'm actually doubting that she did what she said she did. Ever hear a two year old making a point of seeing his dad? Crying and yelling, but not reasoning. Any grown up could have avoided something like this. I think the sister just wanted to mess OPs life up once again. Deliberately. Even by telling lies. Because that's how evil some people are.

Unless the husband had the two year old before he was with OP. Maybe OP stole her husband from her sister.

Talientary 8

Just...just run.

Blood is thicker than water... And their blood is pretty thoroughly mingled... So running might be difficult

Talientary 8


I think it's trying to communicate

I am a trained troll to English translator, I can understand him clearly. He is trying to say.... Well I mean he wants to say.... *runs*

Wow. Awkward. It's probably best to let the kid know his dad though, as much as that sucks. FYL.

I think this depends entirely if Op is willing to work it out with her husband. He cheated on her with her sister. I would not let the ***** into my life while I was still married to the guy. However, I would likely file for divorce the next day after I learned about the kid. But, while the kid should not be "punished" I do not think kids automatically deserve to be in people's lives just because they want it.

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By not letting the child meet his father you are punishing him. The child has every right to see his father and OP's husband would be even more of a shit if he chose to neglect his child, after all it takes two to tango and the child is just as much his responsibility.

queerdragon. I grew up fatherless, and I know others who did as well. I don't care if you're the spawn of Satan. every child deserves to know their father, even if he is a colossal jackass, if only just to see who he is. growing up without a father, sometimes you wonder why he left, if it was your fault or etc. etc. a child deserves to have a father no matter what the circumstances around their birth is.

#128- It doesn't say he cheated on her, so we have to assume she got pregnant before he broke it off.

Sorry 149, but my father is an alcoholic and not having him in my life when I was born and growing up was the best thing for me. Not every child deserves a father figure because if the mother is willing to take on both roles the kid will be fine. Also if the mother isn't going to be around and the father takes responsibility the child will also be fine. I don't regret not having a father, and I sure as hell don't hate my mother for leaving when his alcohol habit became dangerous. Children don't deserve to have a parent who won't look after them.

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#155 in your case, I agree that having an alcoholic father in your life is not the best thing. My father is alcoholic too, but my mother decided to let him be apart of my life. Sometimes I wish she wasn't, but overall, I'm happy I had some sort of father figure, even if he wasn't perfect. But OP's husband might actually be a great dad, and I think that the kid should get a chance to be with his dad and vice versa. I think a father figure in a childs life could be very beneficial. I know it wad for me. Fathers teach their childern things that some mothers cannot.

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#128 I miss the idea of having a father, just not my actual father. I was always a little upset about not having a father in my life as a kid, wondering why, of all the fathers in the world, mine had to be the abusive one. I was a little jealous of people who did grow up with both parents, but I'm glad I was able to know him, and know why he wasn't in our lives. Every child at least deserves to know their father, to know why they wouldn't be good fathers, or why they would. It's not the kid's fault he was born, so why should he be punished? The mother and father were at fault here, and she can just drop the kid off and leave. If it's a good father, why does the kid have to be punished? It's HIS father after all. Why shouldn't he get to know him? He is in no way at fault for his mother and father, and their cheating ways.

My mother is more manly than my father and she taught me everything there is that a father can teach their child. All my father could teach me was to drink and thats it. If the ops husband wants to be in the child's life great but not everyone needs two parents!

You don't know the situation, the ops husband could be a abusive man after all. Would you put your child in that situation if you thought they could be harmed? No I doubt

She deserves a punch in the face

She deserves way more than just a punch.

cmb8280 24

Or 5

As long as that punch is with a chair.

Falcon punch?

How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?

She deserves a punch in the face, uterus, and throat. With a chair. On fire. Seriously that's terrible...

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I'm so sorry OP. I can't figure out how family can do this to each other. Be strong okay?

Wizardo 33

I know sibling rivalry can get serious but this is ridiculous.

i wanted to give this a thumbs up but then i realised it would take it to 70...no...no we'll just leave it

@102: Well, it's up to 80 now :P

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OCD runs a mock within our community... Gentlemen, this is no time to obsess.

She's a home wrecking ***** and your husband is a piece of shit too. I'm sorry to hear this. She seems pretty dead set on ruining your life.

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She doesn't say when the college bf was, just that it had been three years since she found out. That means that that guy was probably at least a few years before she found out and stopped talking to her for three years. So who knows how old the marriage is. It would seem that the marriage is at least that old seeing as how her sister knew her husband. If they weren't talking how would her sister meet her husband in a situation where it wouldn't be weird like if she randomly hit him up on Facebook or something? Anyway, the fact that it and the kid were kept secret for several years is sketchy enough to make me believe they were at least serious when it happened.

the marriage is under two years. it clearly states he left OP, he didn't cheat on her. then he came back sometime later an eventually got married.

153- it's not necessarily the same guy. The sister might have stolen OPs boyfriend 10 years ago, and OP only found out about it 3 years ago. The sister might even have slept with OP's husband as some kind of sick 'revenge' for OP cutting ties with her. I think we need OP to come on and clear this up!

tanglespet 12

I'm really hoping that you and your husband have only been married for about a year.

Still she would have been dating him for a while before she married him so her then boyfriend and her sister would have ****** her over

I think what 8 means is that even though cheating is never right or okay, hopefully he didn't do it while he was married to her.

isnt if your married under a year you get the marriage dissolved.

tanglespet 12

Thanks spicyduck. I'm new to this site...guess I should work on being clear. In my mind, it's worse to find out that your husband (or wife) completely disregarded their marital vows than something that happened during the dating phase...

That's exactly what I was thinking. I couldn't figure out if that's any her husband had cheated on her too...

Well she's just charming.

Holy ******* shit, how could she do this to you? TWICE! Family should never do shit like this.

If it happened twice I bet it happened on other occasions too