By ccblock - 17/09/2010 01:30 - United States

Today, my girlfriend's dad offered me $100 to break up with his daughter. I eagerly replied "no", but my girlfriend grabbed the money and said, "deal." FML
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fmlbrooo 0

Ehw, what a b*tchhh. She didn't deserve you.

snatch the money back off her. be like "it's mine bitch!" haha


momentum 0

she was broke.

stephanie0613 0

shows how much she cared, and thought you were worth. who cares move on.

she was probably kidding.

quickly take the money from her nd say deal! that'll trick her! and pluss you get money!!! u can buy a better looking hooker! :D win!

KingDingALing 9

Wow...make her feel bad and say that you were only using her for sex, OP.

cantfightfate 0

lol this is actually funny.

a better looking hooker for $100?? Doubt it...

you gotta big quick on the draw man

tooGee24 0

she maybe was thinkin of takin tha money but still stayin wit u. that's wat I would of done it's not like the dad would get the money back. he will learn his lesson for offerin money for shit like that

Angi95 3

Can anyone say future prostitute.

FirstBornUnicorn 0

First. Let's see how fast this gets moderated.

fmlbrooo 0

Ehw, what a b*tchhh. She didn't deserve you.

MissErikaHart 0

and she didn't want him either apparently

MissErikaHart 0

what r u talking about 90? just curious cuz I'm a lil confused. u talkin about me? just wondering.

MissErikaHart 0

I was just askin, it did seem quite ambiguous

fmlbrooo 0

Uhmm , Whatttt ?

I've seen this fml before, I think I'm going to call it fake

JustALesbian 16

Not really, she was telling him he wanted to break up and getting him the money early

its_tuesday 6

you were second but we'll see how long it takes anyway lol.

FFML_314 11

Haha! That made me laugh. The visual I get of your girlfriend snatching the money and running away giggling, is priceless!

That's because your a cunt.

You're a stupid bitch

Aldoxin 0

Party animal incest time!

snatch the money back off her. be like "it's mine bitch!" haha

KarinaLizeth18 5

Exactly what I was thinking!! xD

Peacemaker9 7

lol win!

Sucks for you, OP!

Probably a blessing, darling. If she was that quick to take the money, she may very well be into relationships only for the money and gifts.

banananut 0

maybe she was kidding?