By hAHAha Halo - 02/08/2010 17:55 - United States

Today, my girlfriend's father offered her $10 to stop talking to me. I don't have a girlfriend anymore. FML
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Good parenting takes on a new level.

If he hadn't done it, someone else would've. Get her back. Spread the word that she can be bought for $10. The local guys will be glad to know this. >_>


Good parenting takes on a new level.

Ydi for sucking that bad.

I think his girlfriends father is a cheap ass.

I don't suck that bad.

she actually dropped you for ten bucks? wooow that's just sad she probably thought she could get some ass anywhere but not ten bucks!!

I think the girlfriend is a cheap ass. Her boyfriend was worth less than ten bucks to her. But maybe she just knew she could do better. Op should have counter offered with 12$.

She didn't drop me for ten bucks. I don't know who she is.

3son_fail3 0

lol freeze

haha not even worth ten gg ydi for being a suckass

no1askdu 5

at least he offered her money, some parents make their kids break their relationship off fo free lol

fucking Jews.

nagger babies

Freeze, Freeze. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo, buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Fuck, fuck fucking fuckers.

Are you having a stroke? #25, I agree. Unless he didn't have $11, in which case I don't blame her for ditching him! Jk. >_>

CDigital_32 0

#14 you totally stole that from two other comments bellow, one of which was MINE! Thank you very much. :)

KiddNYC1O 20

why you crying? she obviously didn't care about you or you're just worth nil! lol

Cd I didn't see yours or the others but anyway they said 20 I said twelve, so I think I did it better.

I'm not crying.

YDI for your girlfriend's dad offering her $10 to stop talking to you, and now you don't have a girlfriend.

kirby101 2

Why didn't you bid for her? Raise her dad to...$15?

ohthebloodygore 16

39 I guess I did better then, I said $11. Rubbish, it should be $10.25 Intoxicunt (don't know your name, sorry) if OP didn't have 11 bucks to convince her to stay FHL. 'Today my girlfriends dad paid her $10 to leave me, she said she'd stay if I gave her $11. Guess who got dumped?FML'

BoyFromTheFuture 0

^ Bidding? what is she a prostitute.

wow what a skank. $10 seriously?

Yes, seriously.

#54 Ahaha. I think that would be an even better one. That would suck. Oh and my name is... Well, it's the name of a US city. :)

GregDaBossMaster 0

lol ten bucks either ur cheap or ur gf is.

ohthebloodygore 16

63- I don't know many American cities. I don't live in USA and we don't learn much about it. Unless your name is like LA or Boston, I fail.

63: Is it Michigan. yeah I bet it's Michigan. maybe Oregon. no it's def Michigan.

you dont know if that was the situation

KiddNYC1O 20

cunt's name is salt lake

City, not state! D: And yes, it's Salt Lake. You got me. That or San Francisco. Hint: It's not Salem, even though I like that name. It's in the South, and it's a common name in English.

KiddNYC1O 20

all of the sudden I want to look at a USA map lol

Brittney_E 0

she probably didnt like u much to begin with and was gunna dump u and decided to get 10 bucks out of it.

Is it a gender neutral name?

FFML_314 11

Intoxicunt, I have a few names that come to mind. -Savannah -Elizabeth -Charlotte -Alexandria or -Aurora Any of those right?

Sean, nope, it's a girl's name. FFML WINS! Very first guess, too. Although, I'd like the name Aurora too. But yep, I'm Savannah. ^_^

KiddNYC1O 20

I was gonna say exactly what FFML said but my send button broke

Numnutz. You should have told her old man you would dump her for $5. After getting your cash, then told him she was a lousy screw anyway.

FFML_314 11

I was leaning towards Savannah or Aurora. Lol, it's a pretty easy guess, you guys just don't know your cities! :P BTW, @5 the dad isn't the cheap one here, the girlfriend is. The boyfriend is even cheaper, because he couldn't muster up the dough to buy her back.

ohthebloodygore 16

I know English towns:) I fail at American cities.

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$10?? how old are u guys? 5?

ThatsJustMii 0

this is probably a 10 year old if 1) the father thought she would take 10 bucks and 2) if the gf actually did

lol you're that cheap then

79 is lying her name is JUNGLE!!!

"Jungle", lol. Or "Swamp". Actually, my middle name means the same thing as my first name. And I was almost named Augusta, but my mom realized her grandfather was born in Savannah instead. :)

ohthebloodygore 16

I'm still going with Boston :p

KiddNYC1O 20

boo Boston boo

hey atleast your worth more than a dime

doritoninja 4

actually, the girlfriends the cheap ass

fckinbowdown 0

I would have said make it a hundred

You obviously weren't that interesting. :/

No, you're not interesting. I'm very interesting.

op could have been an excuse for her to break up with you

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i wonder what she'd do for 20

what else will she do for $10?

terranada 3

I think his girlfriend is a cheap ass

jrgr 6

hahaha OP must be a dipshit loser.

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:) i lol'ed xD

who would leave 10 bucks on the table :0

my name is Florida! Florida! that's the name of a state!

so? offer her $20 to get back together. ;)

RoCksTaR_13 5

no offence but that means that ur cheap n ur gf wud sell u out for $10... time fir a new gf OP!!!

sweetcheeksjvl 0

and those are the kind of girls who end up selling their

ahahaha that was great! hehe...

lol apparently ur worth 10 dollars sir.

CDigital_32 0

NO!NO!NO! NOT even worth ten dollars. if he was worth ten dollars she would have bargained for more.

#11 is right. He's NOT worth $10, or else she would've rejected the $10 to be with him. So he is worth less than that. $10 is obviously worth more than him.

ohthebloodygore 16

I'm saying he should've offered 11 to stay.

azhein 0

I agree with 85 and 88 they have to be young for ten dollars to mean that much. that or she was going to leave you anyways

You must mean a lot to her...

illmatic2 please tell me that's a flaming bag of shit your holding in your pic ps. Op suck shit 10 bucks and your gone you must've been awesome

lol why would I be holding a flaming ball of shit? It's just an old t-shirt soaked in lighter fluid.

that's what I thought oh the youth of today lol

I love making those with cotton balls, and throwing them at people. To the OP - Wow. all she had to do was stop talking to you. She must have really hated you, because she dumped you too without asking for more money.

maybe if he gave her $20 shed trade ya for a new pencil

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faillllll ! im sorry :|

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#6 : agreed

wow that didn't take much

It must suck to know that you're only worth 10$

No, really? I guess da dad don't like ya.

she's a broke beeeotch