By Austyn - 18/02/2011 07:55

Today, I brought home a ukulele I had just bought. Excited, I showed my dad. He then looked at me, smirked, and said "Just like everything else you have, it's a bit smaller than normal." FML
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Prove him wrong by showing him that its bigger than his :L

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Or he could've just said "that's not what your mom said!". Wincest......


Prove him wrong by showing him that its bigger than his :L

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Or he could've just said "that's not what your mom said!". Wincest......

what? that's just wrong! if it was his mates grandmother then sure

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"No dad, you're wrong!..... you-you-you-you ain't seen my ballz" *cue Your Favroite Martian singing My Balls*

LoL!!!xD waiting for someone to say that>_<

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oh great. there goes the neighbourhood.

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are you really rwj?! because I've seen every single episode of =3 and love them all. also you ain't seen my balls

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ray William Johnson? Omg I love you!

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55 isn't really rwj, his location says New York when he really lives in LA.

What if it's not a joke? What if this is the most serious, heartfelt thing the OP's dad has ever said to him? Such a tragedy it is to be the OP. On top of everything, his name is Austyn and he's just bought himself a ukulele. Do I really need to say more?

I literally choked with laughter, rbg. I had to stop and gulp for air. I will be suing for damages.

Sorry this is off topic but " My balls" is the best song evar. Thank you RWJ

12, your an idiot! go cry now buh bye!

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69, you're an idiot for using "your" when trying to insult someone else.

oh man your dad is a freaking legend haha FYL though haha

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LOL dad speaks the truth jk op say but mom said it was bigger than urs that'll shut him up

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How the hell is that good in relation to golf? lower maybe but smaller has no relation whatsoever.

The smallest score wins. Only connection that I can think of

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I know there's a joke about number of strokes in here somewhere...

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Just wondering....did u mean Humor? If ur French, I apologize bc that's how u spell Humour.

Places other than the US spell it "humour."

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Well I'm in the US and know some French so that's y I said it. But I am interested to hear where else they use it at. It's good to know these things :-)

It's also spelled humour in Canada too. Unfortunately, my autocorrect keeps saying it's wrong.

Good grief. It's not just France. It's South Africa too. As far as I know, the whole word, except for the US, spells it ''humour.''

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Canadian and British.....good to know......:-)

Wow. The entire English-speaking population of the world outside of the States was just reduced to "Canada and Britain". *sigh*

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34 honey I'm Latina, don't get it twisted. On a positive note, THANKYOU to the people correcting me nicely. :-)

Are you an American citizen? Your nationality has nothing to do with your ethnic background so he might not have it twisted at all.

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44 don't disrespect me by askin me that question. I can bash ya right back but that's just immature. I'm American and I'm Latina, I'm both. Like I said don't get it twisted, I'm both, there ain't nothin else to ask me bout that.

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I wasn't disrespecting you but I don't feel you've given me any reason to show much respect to you either. Latina is not a nationality so when he called you an American, he was correct. What kind of American you are has no bearing on the point he was trying to make. Pen, of course not. To say otherwise would be heresy or treason or some such thing.

Kelita 0

65 I said Latina cause that's the way I wanted to say it. I don't care Wut the hell u say about me just don't sit there n ask a Hispanic person if they a US citizen. I don't ask u Wut u r cause that's not my business. I didn't even finish reading ur comment cause I can care less about wut u wanna say. Seriously ur not worth ma time so go bug someone that actually wants to argue wit u.

U mad? I'm not arguing at all. I don't think it's offensive to ask if someone is an American when they respond to a commenter who calls her an American by saying she is Latina. If someone asks me if I am a citizen I don't get cross. You took it the wrong way and inferred some sort of slur that I didn't put into my comment.

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98 I'm not mad, I just think it's hilarious how y'all r entertaining me n keep wasting time commenting back.....priceless. Me n a friend had a bet that I can get YOU started cause ur the type to always sit there n explain everything....blah blah blah....well it worked like a charm. :-) hehe oh n # 99 get a life dimwit lol U wanted Somethin to start well game turned on u n ur the one havin to waste ur time explaining as well. I play stupid for a reason n that's to get y'all to respond all intellectually n to waste ur time doin so lmao!!! my friend was correct....FYL hahahaha!!!!

Kelita 0

oh n one more thing #99......don't u see u got urself in ur own debate.....LMFAO!!! priceless.

If I had a dime for every time someone tried to pull off saying dumb stuff by pretending that it was on purpose....... Kelita stop trying to pretend like you don't care about anything. You obviously care a great deal if you continued that argument so long. Solution: try not to talk too much.

Kelita, please stop. You're embarrassing yourself.

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108 & 111 I have to have in on sister was having a little too much fun and I think you guys are serious now and are trying to make fun of her.....ummm not good. Grow up, get a life, stop arguing with a 16 year old and worry about something else other than this comment she has so stupidly started and you guys so stupidly entertained. Oh geez FYL all of you, including my sister for even doing this. Ridiculous. I'm out.

Hahaha. So here's the breakdown from how I see it. Kelita said a bunch of stupid stuff. Kelita then got angry and tried yet again to say something smart. It still didn't work so Kelita said that she had made a bet with her friend. Now we find out that the whole time it was Kelita's sister? If you insist on blaming your faults on someone else, at least pick one person. Don't say that we need to get a life and stop arguing when you can't do so yourself. You think being 16 gives you some special benefit to act immature? Have fun with your sister/friend/bet. Glad you haven't been serious about this whole thing :)

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115 Your right, she did say stupid things and did find it funny but I'm not finding it funny at all. She doesn't understand she basically made herself look dumb but what do you expect from a sixteen year old? She won't be responding because I'm on it so if you want to respond back to me, feel free to do so.

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115 I'm a Disney freak also. I'm guessing it's due to my sister and kids. Also I see you have that you are a freshmen in C. If you don't mind me asking, what is your major? Just curious.

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115 you believe in Karma, I do also. Your boyfriend lives in Georgia, mine does also. Your a Disney freak, I am also. You have a positive outlook on life due to your father and that's good. Our father commited suicide a few months ago so my sister says FML relates to her life which I dont think is true.

Kelita - It needs to be said. SHUT THE **** UP ALREADY. You've already made a giant fool of yourself; why do you continue to do so? Do you simply not realize it? Seriously though, we've already told you and you haven't stopped. Just... stop.

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122 Eeeerrrrrrrrr nope!!! me again!!!!! oh bite me!!! hehe!!!!! Y'all stupid for responding especially u cause Ooohhhhh ur angry....wanna cookie????? dumb ass hehe!!!!

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u know wuts funny, it's been 2 people doin this n it's just funny how we can say things cause nobody knows each other!!!! this has been fun cause u can say wutever u want!!! well it's been Soooo much fun seriously being diff people lol oh n we are not 16 lol we shall not say but it's time to move on to another one cause it's no fun anymore. It got. boring n now ppl like the dimwit that just commented is like f*** u n blah blah blah. Don't take it to heart geez. Well I won't comment anymore cause we r out!!!! PEACE!!!!! oh n one more thing I love FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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To Everyone!!!! dont take wut we have said seriously. We really didn't mean to offend anyone, we were just bored and wanted to have a lil fun. We got a lil carried away lol Really we were just jokein around :-)

ImaginaryFoe, I've read all of your comments on this post, and I have a few questions. 1) Marry me? :D 2) do they work? I own a horse.

go imaginaryfoe. you tell that Latina bitch what's up. besides, if it came down to it, I bet you could take her.

I'm not angry. I'm annoyed I have to scroll through your pointless comments about nothing before I get to the rest of the comments. You're posting three comments in a row. Really? Go do something. Please. For all of our sakes.

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i think the main point is, what #131 wants to make: get a life!!!

Kelita 0
Kelita 0

I'm skitzooooo ......haven't y'all realized this by now!!! Whoohoo I'm loco in the head! Holmes!

Kelita, I guess you've decided to keep up the charade that it was your sister posting earlier? Guess what? Ignorance must run in the family. What does you creeping on my profile and trying to compare yourself to me have to do with anything? Also, you may not know this, but when everyone was telling you to stop talking because you sound dumb, we weren't "joking". You still do not sound intelligent and my advice to you is not to reply again.

Kelita 0

oops I replied!!!! lmao!!!! skitzooooo nope not sister no more.....I'm the pope this time lmao!!! Can u say stalker!!! ur Sexi Jasmine!!! hehe!!! don't get mad...get glad!!! glad bags work Hahahaha!!!

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I never understood why us Americans use a "z" in realize instead of an "S".

I think it's time to call Sirin and ask her to break out that ban-hammer. Man, I love watching that stuff. 140 - I haven't the slightest idea, but I'm going to go with "they wanted to be different" since they're the only place who changed the spelling of such words.

Kelita, in this thread alone, you've managed to use unending TXT language, troll other users, triple post, flood the comments section, and post out of context comments. They're all against our commenting rules, so let's cut it out right here. The same goes for this entire argument.

I'm an American and I have never understood it.

I've seen my son's. Of course, I'd expect it to grow between the time I finish potty training him and the time he's old enough to post on FML. Maybe your dad didn't form his impressions after puberty struck, OP.

that or maybe OP's dad figured that every generation will have the same size as it's predecessor. he was probably just trying to take out his frustrations on you ^_^

sorry I should've noted that the las part of my previous comment was towards OP.

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ydi for having a small weewee >_<

Because he DEFINITELY had control over how big is.......

Ha.Ha. I'd be worried why he's saying that I mean how would he know