By StungAlot - 19/06/2012 10:32 - United States

Today, I got stung by jellyfish. As I was writhing in pain on the beach, my dad comes up and asks me to be quiet and that I'm embarrassing him. FML
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caplox 6

pee on it.

Could have been worse. He could have whipped out his dick and started peeing on you in public.


I have been stung by those too. I feel your pain. FYL.

caplox 6

pee on it.

Have the lifegaurd pee on it; having your dad do it would be so awkward.

#9 As a lifeguard, I can assure you a lifeguard won't pee on it. If it's a beach patrolled by lifeguards, they'll have cream you can rub on.

As a matter of fact, urinating on it doesn't even work.

Meat tenderizer works great. We use to keep it on the boat when out crabbing during jellyfish season. That's the one thing I don't miss about ocean vs gulf. I've seen a total of one of those things since I got here. And yes, I did use to keep meat tenderizer in my beach bag. In a pinch wet sand followed by fresh water can work but not as well.

Honestly, when I read up to the point about her dad coming over to her, I thought OP was going to say her dad peed on her...

After being hospitalized from a jelly fish sting I can assure you, urinating on the sting does not work. I was in Mexico and got all the home remedies for it, from ice to mustard and even to wd-40 -_-. Turned out I was allergic to the venom and I nearly fainted from respiratory failure. You need to pour water on the sting to get whatever venom is left on the burned are off first. Then go to the hospital, you never know what might happen, I felt fine for awhile then suddenly my heart and lungs felt really weak. So ya be careful.

I've been stung by a jellyfish and I can assure you, peeing on it doesn't do anything but make it awkward.

Am I the only one who thought about Ray William Jonsons song JellyFish Sandwhich off YouTube?

Or you can just stay out of the damn water!

Stop worrying about the pain and call patrick and go jellyfishing.

54 was it a jelly fish or man o war? The second kills many people in Mexico and the islands? Of course allergic reactions to anything can be serious. I got stung by I still don't know what when I lived in va. Growing up getting stung by common jellyfish I know what my reactions are. This one looked strange and I couldn't move my leg for days. My husband and a bystander had to pull me out of the water.

"Nearly fainted from respiratory failure"? You mean, almost died?

74 it was small def not a man o war and I'm allergic to everything that touches my skin :( lol 76 you pass out from that before you die -_-

LOL1204 3

Am I the only one that immediately thought about the friends episode where Monica was stung by a jelly fish and Joey was willing to pee on her but got stage fright?

2, I was going to ask, "Did you ask your dad to pee on it?" original poster? But apparently you're a ninja and much quicker to comment :-)

Lipbalm80 3

Pee on it is a myth it does not help!

Use the sea water rather than fresh water to rinse it off!

He's TRYING to look at for you, BUT sometimes parents don't do it right.

Vinegar is better. Usually where I'm from there's an easily accessible bottle of vinegar at most beaches. It's definitely better than pissing on it, too.

Could have been worse. He could have whipped out his dick and started peeing on you in public.

cptmorgan6 8

That's bad?? Dammit dad...

ManicGypsy 22

That was my thoughts exactly!

R. Kelly would do it for you.

I feel your pain. Those things sting like hell. But better than a sting ray. FYL

Those things have killed ppl, no joke.

I've been stung by a jelly fish and a string Ray, the sting ray hurts worse especially if you got stung on your ass like me.

As opposed to in private. Then it's all right.

Fishinaddict22 1

34- Stingrays don't "sting", they have a barb at the base of their tail that they spear you with. Like a bee, it then breaks off in your leg. Purely defensive purposes though.

Yea I've been stung by a jellofish too. Not fun

omfg_creepers 8

Was it a nice day out?

I'm sure it was great

TheIchiban 11

Pee on it, and then throw some of it at your dad and say, "Just to be safe so it won't happen to you too."

NE1 wit 1/2 a brane wud no knot 2 due tht.

I once got stung by a jelly fish that was dead and washed up on the beach. Those hurt like crazy! Sorry about the pain. mean those things can still sting when dead? Yikes!

Happened to me too :(. It was floating in the water. I didn't see it until it was on top of me :(.

I once got stung by one and there must have been a whole group of them there where I was standing because, as soon as I started running back to the shore, two more got me. Not fun.

Jellyfish, along with hornets, are the most evil beings to live on the planet.

You seem to have forgotten spiders.

flashback.miss 28

/shudder. But to add on to the urine, try scaping the stung area with something like a credit card. get well soon :) Hopefully you didnt get stung anywhere especially sensitive. Lets see if you father is so calm if one stings him :/ werent there signs warning people of jellyfish, though? O.o