By monster in law. - 17/12/2014 07:35 - United States

Today, my mother-in-law gave me a toaster and a fork as a wedding gift. FML
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Stick the fork in her a** Smash the toaster on her head.


I don't get why OP thinks this makes her a monster in law? Be grateful for getting anything...

ahippienamedrae 10

Because you don't put metal in a toaster

Yeah and I bet if in the future they have a baby shower she'll think OP will need a metal coat hanger as a gift.

orbit 22

Or some rope and a stool like a past fml

Lmao this is the worst ******* wedding gift ever. she wasn't even trying to be subtle

Better than nothing, I'd love to have a new toaster lol

#42 Well sure, but not so nice to start your marriage with your mother-in-law implying you should electrocute yourself.

Of course OP, she probably forgot the whole set of utensils, that's obviously what's going on here.. But probably not.

I know! Why wouldn't she give OP a full set?! She really FORKED him over.

I think she might be hinting at something...

Stick the fork in her a** Smash the toaster on her head.

well I hope it's a fancy toaster and fork. but I'm guessing she didn't approve of the wedding

tony1891 22

or hidden in the toast from the toaster she gave you.

better yet...tell her it's colored powdered sugar/sprinkles on top

trellz17 19

If it's one of those toasters that can hold four slices of bread then she's awesome, if not, **** her.

AnOriginalName 19

Regardless of whether she's awesome, I think OP would rather **** her son/daughter.

Mother-in-law's never seem to change do they

My parents love my sisters fiancé and his parents love my sister so this is not always the case

My parents and sister-in-laws love each other so much. We all live 5 minutes from each other and see each other a few days a week. One of my sisters (in law) comes over almost every weekday morning with her kids to have coffee with my mom and I while the kids play. She actually sees, loves and gets along with, my parents better than her own. We're all extremely close. Every time I read FML and it's about in-laws I am so so thankful that my sisters-in-law and family get alone and love each other so much. Some of these stories are crazy.