By monster in law. - 17/12/2014 07:35 - United States

Today, my mother-in-law gave me a toaster and a fork as a wedding gift. FML
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She obviously thinks you need these items.

Stick the fork in her a** Smash the toaster on her head.


She obviously thinks you need these items.

I don't get why OP thinks this makes her a monster in law? Be grateful for getting anything...

Turn your toaster on and put a fork in it

Because you don't put metal in a toaster

Yeah and I bet if in the future they have a baby shower she'll think OP will need a metal coat hanger as a gift.

Or some rope and a stool like a past fml

Lmao this is the worst fucking wedding gift ever. she wasn't even trying to be subtle

Better than nothing, I'd love to have a new toaster lol

#42 Well sure, but not so nice to start your marriage with your mother-in-law implying you should electrocute yourself.

Of course OP, she probably forgot the whole set of utensils, that's obviously what's going on here.. But probably not.

I know! Why wouldn't she give OP a full set?! She really FORKED him over.

I think she might be hinting at something...

Stick the fork in her a** Smash the toaster on her head.

What about the other way around?

^ that would be a stretch in more than one way

well I hope it's a fancy toaster and fork. but I'm guessing she didn't approve of the wedding

doesnt sound like it

Rawrshi 25

Still better than the Frey's wedding gifts.

way to soon#7 way to soon

I see what u did there

give her rat poison for Christmas

Disguised as delicious muffins

or hidden in the toast from the toaster she gave you.

better yet...tell her it's colored powdered sugar/sprinkles on top

If it's one of those toasters that can hold four slices of bread then she's awesome, if not, fuck her.

Regardless of whether she's awesome, I think OP would rather fuck her son/daughter.

Mother-in-law's never seem to change do they

My parents love my sisters fiancé and his parents love my sister so this is not always the case

My parents and sister-in-laws love each other so much. We all live 5 minutes from each other and see each other a few days a week. One of my sisters (in law) comes over almost every weekday morning with her kids to have coffee with my mom and I while the kids play. She actually sees, loves and gets along with, my parents better than her own. We're all extremely close. Every time I read FML and it's about in-laws I am so so thankful that my sisters-in-law and family get alone and love each other so much. Some of these stories are crazy.

Hey, toasters are pretty cool man.