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  meganmagee  |  11

Do you have any idea what is IN pet food? my husband works at a plant that makes it. heads, feet, guts, feathers, and shit all with maggots in it. I don't even want to feed it to our pets.

  Merylwen  |  24

Well I know a guy who loves having dog food on toast. He told me that he even served it to friends that had stopped by unexpectedly, without telling them what it was, and they loved it. So I wouldn't try it, but I can believe it's edible.

  Aussieinusa  |  5

Most animal's don't care what they eat. If our dog throws up, someone has to hold the dog while another person cleans up, or the dog tries to eat it. So I'm not concerned what's in pet food. He also tried to eat his own poop once. Bleh

  ShyAnn29  |  14

I remember there was a show on TLC about a lady who would eat wet cat food, and she would also snack on cat treats. So perhaps it sometimes does taste good, I'd rather not taste it though!

  JaegerMayCry  |  13

I've eaten cat food as a child because I thought it was a can of tuna and not one one of those feline delight cans. They don't taste like anything. Although I did question my sanity for a few days following that experience.


I'd actually almost suspect it to taste good save perhaps for the texture. A lot of the ingredients in pet food is better and healthier than what some of us feed ourselves.


69- have you seen pet food made? Pretty sure none of us eat kill floor scraps, rendered rotten fish slurry or "mechanically recovered meat"... Well unless one eats cheap burgers and hotdogs. Why I make my own cat food for my cats.

By  TorturedXeno  |  27

Extra protein!