By Anonymous - 10/12/2013 21:06 - United States - Buffalo

Today, I found out that I am bleeding from my cervix and must refrain from having sex for the next two weeks. My fiancé pointedly asked if my cervix has anything to do with my mouth. FML
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Ask him if his mouth has any connection to his brain. What an ass.

Jelbeztok 17

if i were you, im pretty sure i'd make him wait a while even after the two weeks.


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michaelaranda 28

he may already be supportive and concerned, that's why hes thinking about ops mouth.

do I downvote...

Yes, downvote yourself.

Your fiancée wins the Internet. Sorry, but you didn't have to share this FML, and he's a ******* champ. FYL and your fiancées life rules.

You are the definition of an idiot. Seriously, the doctor said not to have sex for two weeks. She came on here for advice, and to share her story, not listen to an idiot say her boyfriend was right. I really doubt that if her inside lady parts are bleeding, that she wants to suck off her boyfriend.


miasaur 11

you're a special kind of stupid, aren't you? @112

or maybe he can go else where

@112, like a hero..

I agree with you @123 and @133 and I'm a guy myself. No reason to be a douche, two weeks isn't that long anyways.

perdix 29

#1, he'd probably reply that his hand was in good enough shape to grab the back of her head ;)

121 "lady parts are bleeding" Don't they do that every month?

hunts19ketchup 23

The cervix is not supposed to bleed. There are many different components to "lady parts"...

#112 you are a complete loser! its 2 weeks if he can't wait 2 weeks for someone he loves then it's not real love. It's not all about sex and games!

I think there may be something else wrong other than a period, she said she found out she was bleeding from her cervix and that she has to refrain from sex that tells me there something worse than a period going on here

Actually the cervix is exactly where menstrual blood comes through. The cervix itself may not actually bleed but it is the doorway. How the OP managed to harm her cervix is beyond me but it must be incredibly painful. OP your bf is an ass. Hand him a bottle of lotion and tell him to enjoy.

That is always my response.

It's a legit question from OPs boyfriend Imo

NinjaMouse 8

You guys seem fun at parties.

That, what a selfish POS.

sounds like my husband

kristabelli 19

I hope you smacked him OP... and then laughed, because it IS pretty funny! :D (I laughed... it actually sounds like something my husband would say.)

looooool mine too. hed def be supportive but would crack a few jokes for sure

Sounds like my ex-fiance. (no joke)

Hope ya feel better soon :)

Jelbeztok 17

if i were you, im pretty sure i'd make him wait a while even after the two weeks.

If I were me, you'd be looking for a new fiancé if you had tried.

Missyeru 14

But then you are punishing yourself too.

110 it would be worth it though because op needs to be cared for and understood not disrespected

And I the only one who thought it was a valid question??

@193. Yes.

rosha267 21

Bite him

*Cringes as man parts retract back into my body*

"They're never comin' down now!"

#55 i had to laugh at that comment. I applaud you my good sir.

Ask him if his mouth has any connection to his brain. What an ass.

zyperman43 19

Technically a mouth does have a connection with the brain

59 - Not his, apparently.

luckyone365 7

71- Then he wouldn't be able to talk, genius.

hunts19ketchup 23

#75, That wasn't meant to be taken literally...

JoeyJaws68 18

That chain of comments was hilarious

Feel better soon Op :)

Zimmington 21

Is there something wrong with your mouth? If so there's always anal

I get the feeling many FML members made a similar pose to your profile picture when reading your comment.

#8's picture fits perfectly.

Tell him if you don't get sex, he doesn't get sex!

Zimmington 21

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Great idea, and when she's pregnant, no action for 9+ months either. Good thing that won't strain their relationship

B1ackthesun 31

Ummm #15 pregnant women can have sex.... Apparently it can even help to induce labor at the end.

#15 Believe it or not but most people don't need sex to maintain a healthy relationship. Not my fault you and #13 are as horny as rabbits in heat.

Not sure how keen I am on shoving my penis in a place right up towards where my future child's skull is... But again, that's just my opinion. Excuse me for making that assumption, as I have no firsthand experience with pregnant women

Zimmington 21

34- Just because she can't enjoy sex for 2 weeks doesn't mean her husband should be left dry too. Sure it would be considerate if he toughed it out with her but she could atleast offer to satisfy his needs 38- Please get educated sex with a pregnant woman in no way effects the child. You're making yourself look ignorant. Plus sex with a pregnant woman might be some of best sex you ever have.

Two weeks abstinance is not unbearable, geez.. Perhaps she would've initiated another way herself, but I don't think that's the kind of reaction she thought of getting when coming home from the doctor..


Two weeks is nothing. With my ex, I considered myself lucky if it was two months. Oh wait, she's my ex. Never mind...

hunts19ketchup 23

#38, that thing where people say that the baby can grab your penis when you're having sex with a pregnant woman? Yeah, that's not true.

@79, people actually say out believe that? Seriously??

Unfortunately yes, people do believe that.

I know it's not actually possible to interfere with any development of the fetus if you have sex... I get how anatomy works. I've only heard of pregnant women not wanting sex, but on the flip side I guess there are many who want it. You obviously just don't here that because people don't broadcast their sex lives and sex drives. I didn't really think of that until now, my mistake. Regardless, I still just personally feel uncomfortable with the idea, just in principle. Even though I know it won't harm the fetus or the mother in any way. Maybe that will change later in life, but that's just how I feel about it now...

These comments went full retard. Never go full retard.

actually 109, women tend to be in the mood more when on theyre periods and even more so when theyre pregnant because of all of the hormones. of course there are many women who dont want to have sex whilst pregnant, but i believe it is a lot more common for the lady to want it badly

#157 Yes during certain times of the pregnancy a womans sex drive can be higher. But when it comes to the period that is usually when the sex drive is low. It's when you ovulate, around 14 days before your period, that you feel like having a lot of sex. The body knows that during those few hours, that is when you can get pregnant.

Is that why my wife only wants sex the week before her period?

KayleeFrye 39

Pregnant women can have sex. They just have to be careful about what positions they use as they're getting bigger.

True, ovulation is another high peak is sexual arousal, I forgot about that one. Through research I also found the period to be another peak of arousal simply because of the change of hormones, but it's definitely not everyone, and definitely not everyday of the menstrual cycle. For example, during my worst days, I would rather punch my boyfriend in the face than be intimate. That's just me though.

I doubt he would be helpful to her if he was the one out of action.

HJKM_fml 19

Say "No, but it has everything to do with you being a big dick!" If he doesn't get it, then forget about it and move on.

sarahbevan20 11

That could be taken as a compliment.... This asshole sounds egocentric. What he might hear is that his "big dick" caused the bleeding.... Wouldn't recommend saying that lol.