By Disappointed Teacher - Canada - Surrey
Today, I taught a college course with a group of 30 adults. I was educating them on leadership and gave a 25 minute lecture, with examples like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, and how they changed the world. Then I opened the forum to see who inspired them. The response? Donald Trump. FML
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  Harpy20  |  24

Though I appreciate her actions and the change they led to, I actually met Rosa Parks at a Black History Month event when I was a kid. She was kind of a cunt.

  IvyOswin  |  17

Why must everything always come back to Justin Beiber? He is a nasty, petulant child that shouldn't even be thought of. By mentioning him, even to make him the punchline of your joke, you are making him relevant.

  Jabberwockyy  |  13

That is an unfortunate revelation and I hope people can learn to live better lives. This world has to change for the better if we are to make it as decent human beings.

  SexyQueen0905  |  24

39- Your comment is not fair in the slightest. Not only are you making a generalization and assuming that since these 30 adults look up to Donald Trump, all young people do, but you're also making a statement that would only make sense if time were frozen forever and ever. You're saying that not one person in a younger generation has accomplished something? B.S.- heard of Malala Yousafzai? And you're assuming that, even if it were true that nobody has had an impact on the world, it will stay like that? Foolish assumption.

Sorry to go off on a rant here, but nothing bothers me more than stupid generalizations mixed with the "I'm superior" vibe.

  Wakachulak  |  22

The world hasn't changed, it just went back to the 80's. Miley's a bad copy of Madonna, and Bieber is an even worse copy of Vanilla Ice. Hammer that into young people's heads if you really want to change something!

  shesaywha  |  19

No, actually, the world has always been like that. Remember slavery? Or when the Romans went around slaughtering everyone? The only difference now is that people aren't directly screwing others over.

By  nh97103  |  9

I don't think it's right of you to judge people for who they are inspired by. In fact, F their life for bring taught by such a close-minded individual.

  Ambient25  |  24

Exactly! Inspiration is a case of preference. Some people are inspired by someone who reaches a high sense of power, others by those with wealth, and still those by people who accomplish a lot in a little amount of time. OP is not right for criticizing others who don't conform to her thoughts, regardless of their age or their choice.

Edit: Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black are not people and thus can not inspire. They are crabs and need to be hit with shampoo.

  SWC_Penguin  |  17

I think it's ok to say you shouldn't be inspired by a businessman who's declared bankruptcy multiple times in his life.

Do you know how many thousands of business-people there are who haven't had to do that? There's sure a heck of a lot of better role models out there

If that's being judgmental, well then I think being judgmental is fine.

  hunts19ketchup  |  23

I definitely think that people have a right to be inspired by whoever they choose and that the OP should respect that. I'm just not so sure about Donald Trump being put in the same category as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.

  yahoowizard  |  16

Haha does his recent death elevate his status now? But no seriously, I'm just messing with you, there are literally tons of relevant people that OP could have mentioned but didn't, none really that much more important than the others.

  imyy  |  20

Yeah, people like to forget Nelson Mandela advocated violence and communism and was a terrorist. His stand for equal rights is very admirable, but using violence to get what you want should never be admired or respected.