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Today, my fiancé threatened to leave me for "bleeding too damn much." FML
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Actually OP doesn't clarify whether he is still her fiancé or not.

Should probably increase their intake of folic acid and B12

Idk... assholes can still bleed quite a bit

maybe the OP was a girl. and she maybe had too damn much peroids.

Was he serious? If so he's just looking for excuses to break it off.

Could also be a she. Or a vampire. A sparking fairy.

"I don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die."

If he threatens to leave for such a stupid reason, you're honestly better off without him. Better now than when you're married with three kids and you spend "too damn much" time with your kids or something.

Let it bleed let it bleed oh let it bleed yeah let it bleed, there will be an answer.

That is so wrong to destroy a Beatles song like that!

"Keep bleeding I keep keep bleeding in love" Okay I ll stop now

#15- Yeah, I think Alice Cooper should take this one.

ginawater19 13

#35, it's not "bleeding in love" it's "bleeding love" hahaha what the hell does bleeding in love even mean

I'm gonna vote for Kate Bush "Strange Phenomena" on this one.

Everyone don't forget "bleed it out digging deeper just to throw it away" linkin park. (And the chorus sounds like it's about a tampon).

Well if you're a woman and on your period you can give him a piece of your mind!

Or, you can use your fist and make him bleed.

#6-Ha ha, you're bloody well right, you know you're right to say Yeah-yeah, you're bloody well right, you know you're right to say Me, I don't care anyway

CanyonRose 16

Punch him in the nose. When it starts pouring blood threaten to leave him for " bleeding too damn much."

Didn't actually say anything about gender or periods.

72 - A Fiance is a man, whereas a Fiancee is a female. So i think its most likely OP is female, especially in reference to bleeding.

Yes, because physical assault is such a good idea.

Yes, 76, but I'm willing to bet most people on the Internet don't know that so we can't be 100% certain.

Physical assault is the answer to most problems on FML

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Other than suing, divorcing, yelling at, lecturing, calling the cops on, and interrogating, yes. Unless if you use a watermelon. Beating people with melons is the way to attack.

Someone can't come up with a decent excuse. Better now then when/if you had kids and such to worry about. Anyone that rises to that level of jackass deserves to be alone; and you can definately do much better OP. I wish you luck and happiness in life.

*than, not then. I'm normally not a total grammar Nazi but using the wrong word changes the entire meaning of your comment, and your misuse of "then" confused the hell out of me on first reading. Also *definitely, while we're here :) On a different note, yeah that guy is a jackass, good call.

SkyGuy32 17

Hmm, I always thought it was "definately." Thanks for correcting that.

threaten to leave because he's an asshole so much.

"An asshole so much" He he. You made me laugh.

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I'm guessing he didn't know you have to help your wife out with that from time to when you get married, he's an idiot.

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He meant getting her pregnant