By Anonymous - 15/02/2013 23:22 - Venezuela - Barquisimeto

Today, I had to take my fiancé to the hospital so they could remove a tampon applicator that he claimed he somehow "fell onto". It was lodged up his nostril. I'm marrying this man in a week. FML
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jimbob_76592 5

Maybe he was having a nosebleed?


At least it wasnt in another more awkward place.

hellbilly205 17

I thought it was in a more awkward place up til i read after "fell onto"

jimbob_76592 5

Maybe he was having a nosebleed?

xblair 11

Reminds me of Channing Tatum from She's The Man hahaha

daringtoride 27

I literally thought the exact same thing when I read that comment :D Great minds think alike.

easyprey 8

Or great minds watch the same movies.

fuckmylife518 15

That's exactly what I was thinking!

Lizzy500 16

Too bad he's not a quick thinker, because this is a much better lie. But if he could think, he probably wouldn't have "fallen" on a tampon in the first place.

At least it wasn't in his anus... But good luck with your marriage OP!

perdix 29

Butt you'd better watch Uranus!

Yes, I hear it's throwing asteroids at us. Tunguska!

You're lucky it wasn't lodged elsewhere! Curious.

Silly husband. Everyone knows that tampons are for inserting into your left ear.

Your marriage will never be bored or plain :)

maybe he didn't know what it was. in that case, that's cute. you scored an innocent one OP ;)

Maybe it is just me, but quite frankly I cannot see a man who is old enough to be married not knowing what a tampon is.

You've never fallen onto a tampon before? Weirdo.

I don't think he "nose" what a tampon is for. Good luck with your marriage; I hope he doesn't blow it.

Wait, falling on tampons is not normal now? Dammit, and i bought the applicator kit and everything. I need a refund.

You don't buy a separate applicator for tampons…

it's common knowledge, when you fall, beware of tampons! They're sneaky like that!