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Today, I found out that because of my high blood pressure I can't have sex for one month. My wedding is next weekend and the following two weeks are my honey moon. FML
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yeah, about as bad as me finding out my wife was having her period on our wedding night. no sex for 4 days. Belated FML.

Forget cheerios, go on a Rocky training montage through Philly!

agreed with 144. try and reschedule. and if u can't, plan a romantic getaway later.

Maybe your doctor has a thing for you. I can see it now.. "If I can't have him, I'll ruin that bitch's honeymoon!"



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>_< boy does that suck. FYL. Just... make sure your wife-to-be stays away from men with rippling muscles and nude beaches...

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Ouch! Oh man that a killer. But hey theres the whole "rest of your life" thing so dont worry about it :D

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He is sooo right!! Just have sex!!!!!

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I'm sure it's just a suggestion anyways, not actual "doctors orders" ;)

How you found out? :))) Thats one of the dumbest things I ever heard. Even if your doctor gave you that advice. Being sexual inactive for month dont solve anything.

umm if he has high blood pressure and has sex before the medication balances it he could pass out or have a stroke.

What? I never heard such bullshit advice. Sex has been said to even lower blood pressure. This is a good excuse to make your woman/man do all the work though. ;-) And the high blood pressure is probably do the to fact that your wedding is next weekend. I would go get a second or even 3rd opinion and just enjoy your wedding/honeymoon. I'm sure your blood pressure will decrease dramatically just being on honeymoon.

Yeah, that really does suck... I had something similar happen myself. It makes you think about how poorly timed illnesses can be. :/ But I agree w/ #8... get a second opinion!

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#7 - the doctor probably told him to lay off the sex because he could risk getting a heart attack from his high blood pressure. It could be a safety precaution to prevent him from increasing his already high blood pressure and damaging the heart in the long run. And within a month, (if not hereditary) a person can lower their bp even a little bit by adjusting their diet and watching what they eat. But it takes time, your bp doesn't just magically drop. To OP: sucks though. I wonder if you can still have sex and maybe just get the wife-to-be to do all the work? It'll reduce the effort on your part and you get to lay back and just enjoy it ;]