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By  Atilak  |  0

How you found out? :))) Thats one of the dumbest things I ever heard.

Even if your doctor gave you that advice. Being sexual inactive for month dont solve anything.

By  Jimboom  |  11

What? I never heard such bullshit advice. Sex has been said to even lower blood pressure. This is a good excuse to make your woman/man do all the work though. ;-)
And the high blood pressure is probably do the to fact that your wedding is next weekend. I would go get a second or even 3rd opinion and just enjoy your wedding/honeymoon. I'm sure your blood pressure will decrease dramatically just being on honeymoon.

By  GirlX  |  0

Yeah, that really does suck... I had something similar happen myself. It makes you think about how poorly timed illnesses can be. :/ But I agree w/ #8... get a second opinion!

By  mini_munny  |  0

#7 - the doctor probably told him to lay off the sex because he could risk getting a heart attack from his high blood pressure. It could be a safety precaution to prevent him from increasing his already high blood pressure and damaging the heart in the long run. And within a month, (if not hereditary) a person can lower their bp even a little bit by adjusting their diet and watching what they eat. But it takes time, your bp doesn't just magically drop.

To OP: sucks though. I wonder if you can still have sex and maybe just get the wife-to-be to do all the work? It'll reduce the effort on your part and you get to lay back and just enjoy it ;]