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Today, my wife made a system where I earn gaming time by either giving her money or doing her favors. Now whenever I use my phone, she accuses me of "secretly playing Xbox games" and gets pissed at me. I'm 28 years-old. FML
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Did she also make a sex rewards chart?

**** her, she doesn't own you. Do what you want.



Did she also make a sex rewards chart?

Sounds like the same woman eh. Maybe it's just a fad right now to have husbands on leashes! I can gladly say I've come up with some cunning plans to save myself from those. I wish you all the best of luck fellow men.

There is such a way to solve all of this. You don't need to order it online or go to a doctor for it. It's called balls. Balls allow you to tell a woman how your life is going to be lived and how she isn't going to control every second of it. Balls, coming to a sack near you! (hopefully)

I'm seriously wondering if one of those magazines like Vogue or whatever had a special article about making charts. Last night during the football game a married friend of mine was talking about his wife trying something like this with his football watching time.

I think she moved past the sex rewards and onto this one. It doesn't just require helping around the house, but to do favors and here's the kicker...GIVE HER MONEY?! Pardon me if I don't understand, but what the hell kind of marriage is that where the wife is trying to take money from her husband...especially by attempting to control him like that? Buy his free time to play video games? If I had a wife that said that, I'd just look at her and say, Are you ******* kidding me? What ever happened to relationships and marriages where two people could be companions, love each other, and WANT to enjoy each other's company and spend the rest of their lives together...

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if I were to be a psychotic controlling **** enough to try to do this I'd hope my boyfriend would have enough balls to challenge it. Sorry OP, not that your girlfriend put you on a reward system, but that you're pussy enough to let her train you like a good little puppy.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

52- I just really don't understand the her wanting OP to pay her part. Unless they have two sperate bank accounts, OP's money should be his wife's money.

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Goblin182 26

#24 Cunning plans or cunniligus plans? Either would work.


Excuse me 129, but where in the name of almighty **** does the FML say that the OP doesn't work and spends all of his time gaming?

@159 so can you explain why she needs him to give her money to gain gaming points? That part didn't seem to be covered very well in your brilliant insight.

#32, One of the problems with our society today is Political correctness. It leaves an individual (usually male) spinning, not knowing what, when, or where to do or say without the female labeling said behavior as inappropriate. Also a woman can go online and purchase a set of balls.

Brightbulb 39

It was in 5 straight issues of Cosmo. I and my bf cracked up about it, I didn't realize people actually did that crap. Wow

@177, 159 is assuming that OP and his wife have issues that led to the gaming chart system. Essentially he thought for things to get that drastic, OP might be slacking in responsibility and the wife is trying to train him or make him do things for her, like a mother would, because OP hasn't quite grown up yet.

139- My girlfriend already have an understanding that we are going to have separate accounts. I have two different accounts for myself, one for bills, one for "free spending". It is a lot easier to do that than to wonder if that 150 dollar balance in my account is because i have 150 left or if one of the bills hasnt been taken out yet. We also have an understanding that as long as we can afford it, and it is within reason, we wont comment on each others hobby spending.

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Guessing the sex rewards didn't work out for her?

Zimmington 21

He just wasn't unlocking enough achievements.

No.matter which one it is these aren't men, they're little boys. If you want to do something be a man and do it! What's this chart bullshit?! And women if your man is being a little bitch and doesn't do anything then don't make a damn chart! Put your foot down and tell him what needs to get done. Husbands and wives need to have respect for one another. Sick of reading all this bullshit.

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Redoxx_fml 22

Maybe he's paying more attention to the wrong box.

3 has a point here, I went to NYC the other day and when I went to that big, multi floored Toys R Us there were two racks set up, one for PS4, the other for Xbox One. The PS4 rack was completely emptied out, the Xbox One rack was missing for or 5 boxes but was otherwise full. That shows, at least to me, that the PS4 is more favorable than the Xbox One.

Gah, four or five boxes* that's what I get for typing half asleep....

TheDoctor10 28

I like how the correction gets more thumbs up than the original comment.

DKjazz 20

No, no, no. This is FML. No console wars here, please.

Michael_92 20

Yea if you can find one. I searched for HOURS driving around. I was actually trying to find a PS Vita and asked the guy jokingly if he had any hidden and they had one. Now it sits on my entertainment stand doing nothing :(

everyone's debating Xbox vs PlayStation and I'm just laughing while playing on my PC

Multi system race dominates every pc owner.

no, that's called number of units in the US. in the first year the US gets 3 times as many Xbox consoles compared to their Playstation counterpart due to localization and demand (the reverse is true for Japan).

Why does this remind me of a certain sex chart ?

I believe the bandwagon departed a while ago.

This was posted 1 minute after #1's comment...

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I wish I could play xbox games with my phone! Is that the android from the future?!

it would probably be a windows phone. Microsoft for Microsoft ya know?

I think I saw a video of them streaming games to a windows phone; they might not be far off.

windows phone :3 but only some games trust me it's the best


I love how all of us immediately remembered that FML. Lol.

**** her, she doesn't own you. Do what you want.

bigtaytay 13

For real. OP needs to grow a pair

sounds like a great wife. by marriage he chose to waste life, he won't be having any late nights gaming and playing fake fights, in his world this just ain't right but maybe he can sleep tight and dream that this isn't a f his life.

MrBoredomioo 18

#7, I doubt he will **** her, she probably also has sex rewards.

RedPillSucks 31

Earn gaming time? Unless the gaming system is under a lock and key that only she knows, why the hell is she limiting your time? You are an adult, right?

Zimmington 21

Op IS the Xbox based on how his wife goes about controlling him

If you let your wife treat you that way then YDI.