By anon - 08/12/2012 05:33 - United States

Today, when my boyfriend and I were getting intimate, I got a nose bleed. He gave me a shirt to plug it with and kept going. FML
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Are there other anime geeks on here? They'll find this funny. Lol

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Jr was plugging one hole and it started to come out of the other side :p he did the best he could.... you could have bled out OP

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Wow talk about caring right there. What a douche

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Please dont try to make puns 33 you're absolutely terrible at it

36- obviously he's not terrible at it. His "terrible pun" has more likes than your comment...

Obviously he was just trying to make her blood rush somewhere else other than her nose. It's common knowledge, first grade stuff like Wumbo.

36- 33 made some pretty good puns, relative to others I've seen. Don't be an asshat.

That's when you grab his nicest shirt and use it as a bloody nose rag!

Who nose why OP's boyfriend is such a tool? Anyone?

5- FAIL! Since you're a Dr Seuss character, you must now comment in a Seuss-esque fashion.

That is bloody awful. But it gives a new perspective to "firetruck".

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That hasn't been used already ..

Firetruck? Am I being dim or does this make no sense?:')

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No get it cause blood is red and fire trucks are too and so is fire and apples, apparently they are all related now

The thumbs down button is red too, I guess thats why he got thumbs downed so much (well that and the fact that what he said was already said)

Yup, left the phone idle before I wrote it, so I didn't see the post above beforehand. So, apologies for double post.

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Fire truck is a game, it's when you put your hand on someone's leg and tell them to say 'red light' when they get uncomfortable. You trail your hand up and when they say 'red light' you say 'fire trucks don't stop for anything'. We used to play it at school.

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And they said chivalry is dead, now that's a real gentlemen!

Your boyfriend must have been very horny not to stop or your are extremely hot!