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Today, my boyfriend and I decided to lose our virginity. When he saw blood, he panicked and started crying, convinced that he was bleeding out. FML
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Why would he think he was the one bleeding out? If anything, you'd think he'd assume you were the one hurt.

I think he needs a sex ed class


Why would he think he was the one bleeding out? If anything, you'd think he'd assume you were the one hurt.

Clearly, he's a dumbass.

Could be uncircumcised with a really tight foreskin that ripped.

Razi_tail 25

Ouch 16, that sounds very painful! I'm a girl and cringed at that thought.

This is why 14 year olds have no business having sex!

Because all uneducated people must be 14.

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If you are bleeding during sex, then you are doing something wrong. (Like tearing your hymen for instance. Ouch.)

Or she could be starting her period.

tacopandaroo 12

Hm, I hadn't thought of that. Usually when bleeding and sex are mentioned together, it's hymen tearing. Definitely a possibility though.

Errr, most girls bleed during their first time due to their hymen tearing. This is a normal thing. If it didn't tear during sex (and it hadn't been torn through other sexual/unsexual activities) I would be concerned. I believe you are the one in need of sexual education.

No, if you are well prepared with plenty of foreplay, and preferably lube, there should be no tearing, only stretching. Go to youtube and search for Laci Green hymen for sex-ed on this.

I was about to say the exact same thing #59. It's just like with stretching your ears. If there's blood something ripped, and nothing is ever supposed to rip, just stretch. Of course there's always the option of a period, but this FML isn't very specific on which.

#16 is that even possible? I mean you're taught to clean under the foreskin if you're uncircumcised so it's not like this should be the first time he's pulled it back. If it is then he would have, for lack of a better term, cheese dick like crazy. Not cleaning under a foreskin leads to huge issues and foreskins don't magically weld themselves onto the head of your dick after a few hours.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

It's also possible for your hymen to break during other activities such as bike riding and horse riding.

VengeanceChicken 12

Oh man that sounds painful

Its definitely possible 69; the condition is called Phimosis, and you could still be able to clean appropriately but tear the foreskin during sex, because you generally aren't erect when you are retracting the foreskin to clean. With Phimosis or Frenulum Breve (condition in which connective tissue called the frenulum is too short to allow proper retraction), the additional size and decreased flexibility/elasticity when erect can cause tearing of the foreskin or frenulum during sex.

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Some individuals are born without a hymen. As later stated, bleeding is due to tearing. Friction causing tears, causes include: lack of arousal, lack of lubrication, or incompatible size

laci green is wrong though. not everyone has a hymen like the one she described. mine was extremely thick and whole until I tore it a little while rock climbing, starting my first period which went for 16 days. when I started sexual activity my boyfriend could not even fit his little finger in without excruciating pain. my hymen had two very small holes in it. no amount of lube and foreplay was going to change the fact that it needed to be torn open.

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I had that happen to me, I was doin the do and my frenulum ripped. I got a sharp pain in my dick and it bled like hell. Couldn't do much with it for a week or two. Shit sucked.

Well, thank you for lowering my resolve to live to see the abhorrent failure of this generation and future generations deteriorating. I did not think much of this, because I assumed they were old enough and uneducated.

I think he needs a sex ed class

Let's teach him the techniques.. No? Too "straight forward"? Okay..

Sex ed at my schools never taught me that. I found out from friends when they had their first times and looked it up/ asked older siblings.

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sex ed? have you been to America? It's about as useful as putting a bandaid on a stab wound.

That analogy is ridiculous. 1) This FML is from Portugal, not America. And 2) sex ed is very useful, it teaches people all the ins and outs of sex. So if the boyfriend was taught well, he would understand it's the girl that usually bleeds during sex, not the guy. Or if he isn't circumcised, he could have ripped something, but usually not enough to bleed out. All countries, including America, have improved a lot with sex ed, better understanding of what happens during sex, lowest teen pregnancies ever, lower abortion rates, high use of protection and contraception, lower STI rates, and believe it or not, this generation has the fewest sexual partners. Sex ed isn't like putting a band-aid on a stab wound, it's like demonstrating how to properly and safely handle knives so they don't get the stab wound in the first place.

I'm sure he's not the only one.. ya know.. other guys might've had this experience.. I have this friend...

Yeahh.. a friend.. who lives in Canada...

What Part of Canada Eh?

12 & 26, I forget that that isn't a normal expression to everyone else. From Ontario.

What's a "friend"?

Might be sign of being too young?

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Not all girls bleed. It's different for everyone.

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Clearly #5 was saying that if OP's boyfriend thought he was the one bleeding, then he's too young to understand what has happened.

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Above just don't get it...

#5, that profile pic tho..

You'd be surprised 36. I grew up in a tiny town and the sex ed class was a joke. Basically just pictures of STDs and they said this is what happens if you have sex. Plus if there was a bad/no birds and the bees talk from his parents, I could easily see this happening.

I'm trying to figure out how he correlated you having a little blood to him assuming he's bleeding out ...

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Most likely he only focused on the blood on him

And some women bleed a lot when their hymen tears. It's not just a few drops but instead makes your sheets look like something out of CSI.

You sure you'll are old for sex? I mean how could he not know what was happening

he could just be uneducated.

proof that ignorance is not bliss

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Maybe one of his parents told him some stupid lie to keep him in check and he never got around to not believing it? What a first time!

Im guessing he never got the "talk"?

The fact that he thought it was his blood indicates that you weren't using condoms either. That is concerning.

Yeah, you aren't using protection? you might not get an std, but what about pregnancy? even if you are on birth control, it's not 100% effective. by the sound of this FML i'm guessing you aren't in the stage of your life where you want a baby. buy a pack of trojans. maybe it's embarassing. maybe you think they'll be uncomfortable. do it anyways

killerdana 19

Let's hope in a month she's not writing another FML that she's with child because her boyfriend told her that she can't get pregnant the first time or because a friend told her to jump up and down afterwards and then stand on her head

I didn't even think about this. Very good point, sir, very good point indeed. Although he could just be that stupid.

There is the possibility that she's on the pill which is why they didn't use condoms.

Even if she is on the pill, why would you not use protection for your first time?

78- I agree but there is always the possibility that they've been together for a long time (they could be in their 20s or something) and not feel the need for a condom if OP's on the pill. The pill is over 99% effective when used properly. However, if they haven't been together long, or if they're young, I agree that they should've used a condom.

78 Why would you use protection just because it's your first time? Assuming you were using the pill properly, std checked, etc. I can't see much of an advantage. In fact, sometimes they make things less naturally lubricated which may make things worse. I don't think it's much of a big deal either way overall, just wondered why you were surprised.