By Anonymous - 06/10/2018 21:00 - United States - Tallahassee

Today, I got to see my fiancé for the first time in 3 months. While we were having sex for the first time, he slipped out and slammed into the back of my vagina, tearing it open. Now I won't stop bleeding, it hurts to pee, and we can't have sex. I won't see him for another 2 months after this. FML
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Wait, what? Can you draw a graph of that? I can’t even visualize what you’re talking about.

Nhayaa 21

Men, reading your comments I'd say you need to learn so much about female anatomy...


Wait, what? Can you draw a graph of that? I can’t even visualize what you’re talking about.

Gamessence 19

No he ripped her taint, the space of skin between the ****** and butthole. No they're not conjoined now, it's just a small rip.

Not sure what you're saying, but did he rip a hole from your ****** to your asshole making it a hole in one?

Nhayaa 21

Men, reading your comments I'd say you need to learn so much about female anatomy...

well I guess the post isn't properly written, I can not imagine how slipping could cause any damage to the cervix or what ever she means by "back of my ******"

Mr_Mole 24

Does he have a knife penis? I don’t get how he caused so much trauma.

bigdaddyeric 35

Is he in Prison? Is that why the 90 days between sex dates and why was it your first time if you were engaged? Sounds like he needs more lessons...

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Now that's what I call a sticky situation!

A Northern European would has dashed to hospital at this point , but an American wont... Sad you cant afford taking care of your self. If it wont stop bleeding and hurts to pee and you dont fix it, then you might not be able to get kids, hold your bladder and also you can get sepsis from the bleeding.

The_candyman 13

this just mean Americans are alot tougher then northern Europeans. Americans can go to the emergency room and get fixed up regardless the problem, without insurance and pay afterwards (if they have the money)

Dude, I think you severely misunderstood the injury.

Tearing the ****** open is bad, down there is A LOT of muscles , ligaments and nerves that you need as woman to keep everything in. Bleeding when you do not have period is BAD, isnt something that should happen during sex. If this person meant the perineum, that isnt part of the ******, if that broke that is bad too, that also contains stuff to help your lower part function. When a woman gives birth, that part sometimes tear and guess what they do, they clean it and sew it back up to make sure you dont get secondary problems.

No, they don't. If you tear during childbirth, you are not always "sewn up" as it is a natural occurrence. Doctors only place stitches if the tear is bad. Women bleed for all sorts of reasons other than a period and it doesn't prevent childbearing. Tearing the vaginal wall can happen for many reasons, including pulling a tampon out when it is too dry, having dryness from washing with soap, getting kicked in the crotch, all sorts of things. My guess is you're not a woman. If you are, someone taught you a lot of scare tactics about your own anatomy. A small tear in the ****** can be a whole lot of blood and pain but not a lot of enduring consequence. It hurts to pee because the urethral opening is right at the opening of the ****** and for some of us *gasp* it's right inside the vaginal opening, so urine can easily travel slightly inside. It's all naturally part of the anatomy and none of it prevents future childbearing, urinary continence and it does not cause bowel problems. Again, doctors do NOT place stitches there unless it's a serious tear. It's very common for women to bleed for weeks after childbirth as their bodies heal from the trauma of stretching, tearing and shedding the placenta. Learn some stuff, it'll bring you out of all the fear.

good news is that pee has healing properties but you may want to get it stitched..