By Anonymous - 26/11/2010 13:15 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out my stalker is my mom's new boyfriend. FML
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So it would appear Edward Cullen likes the older ladies, too...


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Well that's not creepy at all...

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duuuuude....that sucks dirty, hairy, monkey balls. tell your mom? or run away?

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then your mom has an odd taste in guys, wouldn't ya say?

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this would be any stalkers fantasy having sex with the person who gave birth to you....that's hot

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#40 well whatever makes her happy

Unfortunately, there's a good chance that her MOM'S boyfriend is wayyy older than the op.

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So? Age is only but a number honey.

Could be a boy, so it might be a bad idea!

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Age also lets people know how limp your penis is, how many wrinkles you have, and how many white hairs you have.

You must be really self involved to not notice he was after your mum, whom I assume is a MILF.

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You must be really dense not to consider that he's dating her mom to get to her.

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You must all be ignorant to not know he's a terrorist planting a snuke inside her mom's snatch to get revenge on the OP's cruel indifference!

blackmail!!! or run!!! "the power is yours" - captain planet

So maybe he's just trying to get with you? ;D No, just kidding, or am I?

So it would appear Edward Cullen likes the older ladies, too...

I believe so, my good sir. I believe so.

I noticed that there's been lots of stalker FMLs lately. Just wondering if we should be worried.