By Anonymous - 26/11/2010 13:15 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out my stalker is my mom's new boyfriend. FML
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So it would appear Edward Cullen likes the older ladies, too...


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He hit the jackpot lol XD.

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Well that's not creepy at all...

3sum? I'm soooo original

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duuuuude....that sucks dirty, hairy, monkey balls. tell your mom? or run away?

This is his plan: One step at a time.

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then your mom has an odd taste in guys, wouldn't ya say?

Use a rat trap.

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Does he pee in her butt?


poor OP be safe :)

this would be any stalkers fantasy having sex with the person who gave birth to you....that's hot

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#40 well whatever makes her happy

threesome ftw. steal her boyfriend

Unfortunately, there's a good chance that her MOM'S boyfriend is wayyy older than the op.

CherryBomb511 3

So? Age is only but a number honey.

Could be a boy, so it might be a bad idea!

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Age also lets people know how limp your penis is, how many wrinkles you have, and how many white hairs you have.

30, don't be a hater!

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ahh gross!

You must be really self involved to not notice he was after your mum, whom I assume is a MILF.

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You must be really dense not to consider that he's dating her mom to get to her.

FTC_Socialist 3

You must all be ignorant to not know he's a terrorist planting a snuke inside her mom's snatch to get revenge on the OP's cruel indifference!

there's a snuke in your snizz!

blackmail!!! or run!!! "the power is yours" - captain planet

So maybe he's just trying to get with you? ;D No, just kidding, or am I?

So it would appear Edward Cullen likes the older ladies, too...

I believe so, my good sir. I believe so.

I noticed that there's been lots of stalker FMLs lately. Just wondering if we should be worried.

Not really, I would worry more about the Grammar Nazi's.

FTC_Socialist 3

The Grammar Nazi's what? =3.

*nice* classic