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  0opsie  |  6

Cue the religious/anti-religious rants!

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

True! And alot of "Christian"chat sites have people just going nuts with horrible comments and they're really there just to troll. But if you are looking to find God again go to the nearest Christian church, something like Pentecostal would probably be good, make sure you talk to a pastor! Maybe not a catholic church, not that there's anything wrong with Catholics or their churches! But alot of people find it really difficult to listen if the service is really boring or the music is bad ect. Another peice of advice, there's an app called "Got Questions" that's really great, they may even have a website. And get a bible and start reading Matthew, and just go from there! PM me if you have any other questions! Hope that helps!!

  carcinogan  |  0

thank you. how the fuck can you believe in something you can't see? contradiction to that? air. sure we can't see it but we can physically feel it so uhh we are 100% sure air is there :) no proof of god. nothing.

  boopityboppity  |  11

Everyone, stop the petty insults. The mods are watching.
If you can't civilly discuss things, we soon won't be able to discuss at all.

Oh, and you don't help your case — for whichever side you're arguing — if you're downright rude.

  0opsie  |  6

You didn't figure out all that stuff in your science books. You've never seen the inside of a cell with your own eyes or spend years researching the accuracy of carbon dating. You've never measured the distance form the Earth to the moon.

You accept it by faith because 'people who know what they're talking about' say it's true. Just like the religious teachings.

So how are you any smarter than people who believe in God?

  medfly  |  2

I beg to differ
I have seen a cell in a microscope with my own eyes in middle school, I can measure the distance between the earth and the moon using my middle school geometry (and some tools to measure angles which I lack) to a reasonable accuracy.
the reason I believe those people is that they don't sound like idiots and I can't pick out things that are obviously wrong in what they say nearly as quickly.
you obviously can't specialize in everything.

for example, a lot of religious people believe that the bible is 100% true - but it even contradicts itself (examples are plenty, there are stories told twice with small variation to fit another world view. in fact, just open the first few pages. the story of creation is the first example.)
then, there's the ridiculous story of things like bible code - people believing that the bible can tell you the future. except that if you try to actually predict anything with it, say "will x be president or y", you will be able to tell both.

  PinkityPink  |  0

You might not see your brain, but if you were to crack your skull open, then you could see it there. There is evidence that you do actually have a brain and a heart. But where is the real evidence of god? People may claim they feel him or see him but there's no evidence. There are no photographs and no way to truly prove that there is a god.

  mickeyymouse  |  0

^^^ I also beg to differ,, except against you.
no immediate faults?? absolute poppycock. if matter can neither be created nor destroyed, how do you expect a big bang (which has no way of occurring without SOMETHING setting it off, and your theory says there was nothing) to create all this matter?

of course there'll be faults on the bible, a couple of hundred years ago people went through and edited it, picking books that would either be excluded (and as a result, lost) or included, which obviously made it inaccurate in some ways.

but how often are your science books contradicting themselves? look back 20 years and you will see different information and and theories that exist today, and moving forward your theories now will change as well.

pot, kettle. don't bring up 'faults' with our beliefs if yours has the same faults.

and frankly I'd rather be christian and be wring about god (we just.. die) than be atheist and be wrong. one way
your wrong an you'll never know it and it won't affect you, the other way you'll be in hell forever. think about that.

  0opsie  |  6

That was vague wording on my part. What I meant was "Have you seen the inside of a cell and you, personally studied the different organelles and their functions? Not by reading what's printed in a science book, but recreating the decades of research and experiments done by scientists."

There are a lot of things you see with your own eyes. But you can't ignore that there are a lot of things you accept as fact because the people saying it "don't sound like idiots". Until you prove it to yourself, you are only just believing in it.
You said it yourself, you can't specialize in everything. Which is exactly my point.

Science is about facts, proof, and research. I'm just saying that believing whatever it teaches is no different than faith in religion.