By wtf dad - 10/01/2013 03:15 - United States - Saint Charles

Today, I learned who my dad's new fiancée is. Upon meeting her she exclaimed, "My, I haven't seen you in a while!" She's my ex-boyfriend's mom. FML
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Weren't you EX-static for your dad? Lol No but seriously, fyl OP

You didn't meet her before she became his fiancée?


Weren't you EX-static for your dad? Lol No but seriously, fyl OP

then000bster 16

Why does it seem like every single first comment is a pun? Still, I always enjoy a good pun :)

perdix 29

#16, because everyone who used to respond with "First" has been hunted down and shot. Also, all the people who wrote Soviet Russia jokes are busting rocks in the gulags of Putin's "democratic" Russia.

I will admit to making a Soviet Russia joke when I first started commenting. But then, that was so long ago I think it was still officially funny. The "shitty situation" was officially NEVER funny.

mpj13 8

It will be a funny story to tell your new sister! But not really.

You didn't meet her before she became his fiancée?

Maybe they don't live together. Maybe they live in different states.

OP and her ex may not have been serious enough for all that 'meet the parents' stuff.

Yeah but you'd think her dad would have introduced her to a gf before she became the fiancé

The1CalledGOAT 11

@42- "my, i haven't see you in a while"... that should tell you that they met when she was going out with her ex.

#5 Well it's possible that OP lives far away from her dad and didn't get the chance before that

moonlight_daze 8

Go figure. You and your dad have similar tastes. Wait...

In that order of thinking I assume that the marriage isn't going to last for a long time.

Mf2307 15

thats kinda scary to think they have the same taste

Aren't you super EX-cited? ;) Honestly though, Fyl OP, that's a shitty situation.

tne201992 12

Everyone, just stfu with the whole EX! It was funny the first time and only that time.

This is just a re-worded version of the first comment. Honestly, does no one read the comments before jumping in with there's?

When are you people going to learn that if it wasn't a shitty situation it wouldn't be on FML?

sugarshane007 20

It's a small world after all, It's a small world after all! Yes it's a... you get the idea.

Your comment reminded me of the part on Lion King where Zazu is in the cave with Scar and he's being depressing and Scar tells him to sing something more happy and then freaks when Zazu starts to sing this. :o

Anything but that-- I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts There they are, all standing in a row Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head. (:

Chel2010 10

17- I love lion king :) one of my favorite parts. And now back to the post.....thank god this will never happen to me. Lol. Fyl OP.

perdix 29

#8, Coincidentally, this is what she was singing the last time she gave the ex-boyfriend oral sex.

perdix 29

#32, how can you be absolutely sure? Did you only date orphans in the past?

Now I can't get the song out of my head!!

yup93 7

I'm crying for you OP. That's just horrible.

There, there... Don't cry sweety. I'm sure everything will be ok :)

nckjyc 13

There's going to be some really awkward family dinners with your ex sitting at the table. FYL

Yeah, especially once her ex becomes her step brother...

jojimugo 20

Ohhh the south ... Never disappoints

Yongchi 11

Although I do see your point, this OP says they are from Missouri. Which I beleive is in the middle of the U.S. Forgive me if I'm wrong, I do not live in U.S.

TxCountryBeauty 10

I'm from Texas... Missouri is NOT a southern state. There moms aren't singing "may your boys grow up to be cowboys". Real southern states- Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma (more of an Indian state than a Southern one), Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Arkansas.... Did I miss any?

daringtoride 27

You completely missed AL, which is where I live :P And here I thought everyone remembers Alabama when they think of the south! (Considering every time I go out of state and mention where I am when I meet new people, 90% of the time they burst out singing Sweet Home Alabama - seriously, almost every time.)

TxCountryBeauty 10

I did forget Alabama...:/ I'm sorry! I thought I mentioned it but I said Arkansas instead. (Am I the only one who says R Kansas every time I read it?) I know the correct way to say it I just dont

generalasskicker 12

Lol I had to read twice I thought you had missed Mississippi.