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By Anonymous - 01/09/2011 07:07 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out that my mum has been texting my ex-boyfriend to tell him what a dick he is. FML
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Well as long as he's not texting her his dick...

Some moms just don't know where the line goes.

You know.. in an ass-backwards way, that's really nice of her, she's upset he was a dick to you. Of course harassment isn't okay, but +1 to your mom for giving a ****.

X_Codes 11

Unless, of course, you were going to try and get back with him again at some point in the future... If not, you should join your mother and do it, too. Wait for the restraining order or the change in phone number to stop.

I cant believe how many people think this is good, we dont know if the boyfriend deserved something like this to happen, I mean come on, OP has made this a FML for a reason obviously, its probably because she broke up with the poor guy and the overprotective mom decided to try and butt in, what an old bitch! Mums should NOT manipulate their sons/daughters relationships!!

Well since they aren't together it's technically not a relationship, as long as we don't count friendship, and maybe she wants him to stop because he's telling everyone they are b*tchy. In other words embarrassing her. Who knows we don't know the whole story!

Megan98 18

That's what I thought was going on at first, hah.

I approve of OP's mom. {In more ways than one.} But seriously, that's embarrassing thing to do... But it's prolly true.

At least she's not trying to say that you're the dick.

JiffyMix88 8

At least shes not texting him and asking him to send her a picture of his dick

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Yeah boohoo your mom cares for you FYL

Aww that´s really nice in a way :) But yeah, I can see the other side. It´s still ur private life.

You have a full keyboard. Don't just put "ur". What are you? 8 years old?

As long as he doesn't think you're the one sending the messages, I think you'll be ok.

Tell your mom to get out of his life. He's your ex, you are not with him anymore, she should just leave him alone. Parents these days.

Yes, I couldn't agree more. Your ellipsis speaks louder than words. I don't understand the idiots who feel the need to post a comment just for the sake if posting a comment. If you have nothing to say, just say nothing.

In case you didn't notice, that's exactly what happened.