By nekoneko - 07/02/2010 05:15 - United States

Today, I found out my mom pretended to be me and had AIM conversations with my boyfriend. FML
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Wow.. hard to explain how angry I would have been...

i feel mad at MY mom from listening to this.


Wow.. hard to explain how angry I would have been...

no he's a guy with a BOYFRIEND. not gay at /all/. wow. and if you're being homophobic, don't post anymore. it's not like he wants you to be gay with him. op, I am so sorry. your mother needs a life and some satisfaction in the bed if she feels the need to pretend to be her gay son. that's beyond fucked up.

Lol your a guy. A gay guy. With a messed up mother. Your life defenitely sucks.

you need tabs on you!

evidently a homophobic mother.

are you retarded #12? How can you be a guy with a boyfriend...and not be gay? You dumb shit

What about the boyfriends perspective? Today, I had a very sexxy chat with my girlfriend on aim, until I found out it was her mom I've been talking with. FML while for OP, YDI for not having a god damn password.

Haha... Do you know what sarcasm is?

Tell me, everyone calling him gay, where does it say he's a guy?

Top right corner.

43 maybe 12 was being sarcastic

wut if op put in wrong info at fml and instead of putting girl she put boy?

your mom most definitely deserves payback

i feel mad at MY mom from listening to this.

your telling my I just woke my sic mother up and SLAPPED her

NO possible excuse for your mother's behavior. I would think you'd be wise never to trust her again.

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well if I were you I would keep my boyfriend away from my mom lol

Disgusting and taboo.

I think it's time to change your password

Maybe she/he doesn't even have AIM and their mum just made an account?

In before homophobes!

WTF your own mother that is fucked up!!!!!!!

Are the chat logs interesting?

wow that stinks.