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Today, I found out I've miserably failed a college exam. My friend had agreed to pass me answers if I needed them, since I've hardly studied this year. We were on the phone when she said, "Oh, those answers were bullshit. Serves you right, huh?" FML
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Yeah.. I'm kind of in between here. She's well, a dick for doing that, but at the same time I think she was just trying to help you out in the long run. She should have just said no and told you to study.. But maybe that wouldn't make you change. Ehh.. Ydi.

I beg to differ. Cheaters have prospered plenty of times in the past, and it will continue to be that way. The system is easily cheated and taken advantage of, and no matter what you think of cheaters, they don't care what others think, and that's why they succeed. Also, it's not as bad in classes as long as you don't do it exessively, because I highly doubt you will use 90% of what you cheated on or didn't in the real world anyways.

I agree, OP shouldn't have tried to cheat but it was still pretty shitty of her friend to give her the wrong answers instead of just leaving OP to taking the test alone.

School is for learning the shit you need for life. It's not just 12+ years of bsing your grades. Whatever you remember from schoolig will help you make it later in life. You may not like it but schools are for your own good, you have no choice so you gotta do good. I'm no nerd, but I'm smart enought to know that.

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You deserve it for cheating. Not much of a friend, though.

This reminds me of "my real friends never hear it from me, fake friends write the wrong answers on the mirror for me". Anyway, we don't know, maybe OP was incapable of studying, as in she couldn't study. Maybe she had no time. Or maybe she's just lazy.

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You pay to go to college. If you don't want to be there, if you don't want to learn, then stop wasting your money there.

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Well i really never have studied for tests, but even when i do it doesnt help me. But OPs freind is a total douche that had a good purpose, but thats just way too out of hand

@50. I'm 26 and haven't used shit I learned in school to make my money. You need school but like stated above, 90% of the shit is useless in real world situations.

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74- That's probably because you didn't learn shit in school. Why on earth would people waste time in school if it truly didn't help you later in life? You think it's some giant conspiracy that the government is trying to waste everyone's time by sending them to school. Plus, school teaches social skills. Which are very valuable later in life.

You cheated. Cheaters are bad. You ma'am, are bad. Google "study" maybe you'll learn something hun.

Her friend should've just told her she wouldn't help her cheat. Her friend should've helped her studied not purposely make her fail. There was no need for her to fail the test.

Just because you CAN cheat a system doesn't mean you should.

12 - Wrong. Millions of people have cheated and scammed their way through life. Take Al Capone for example. In Britain alone there are thousands of people claiming dole money to which they have no right. Plenty of people go through life without doing a single honest day's work. Sure, some of them get caught but there's plenty more who don't. I'm not advocating the idea of cheating, but my point is that lots and lots of people can make a living from it.

74. The school teaches you stuff for a multitude of jobs. Not just your job. People who think math is bs go ask a carpenter or a architect. They build and design buildings so their math has to be right.

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The problem is cheaters do prosper....

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Regardless of whether or not he cheated.... Ruining his entire future seems a but unfair.. There could be a legitimate reason for not studying such as health issues or losing books.... The point is it's too harsh of a punishment for a ydi

True. But there are people who will not learn and continue to whine and pester you if you do not help them. There's a chance that op could have been like that, even if unintentionally.

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Hey hey everyone has cheated at least pence in there life it's not that big Of a deal everyone has done it

that's what you get for trying to cheat, sorry you had to learn the hard way

192: Losing books? Seriously? That's what the library's there for, son.

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I think what the friend did has taught the OP a very valuable life lesson. They're far from being an ass. Honestly, if you really think about it, that's being a pretty good friend. You would only be setting a person up for failure if you nurtured this mindset/lifestyle (laziness). Now hopefully the OP will be forced to work extra hard for the next part of the semester or have to take summer classes. Its also pretty shitty of the OP to expect their friend to just hand over (literally) what they've worked hard for all year long. To summarize my comment: you and both the OP are assholes.

Just because he does it one time does not mean he is going to do this all the time.

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OP is a girl. Hint the gender on the upper right of the FML. Just saying.

I don't know about you #13, but I don't humiliate my friends and make them feel shit. Did OP's friend "technically" do the right thing? Yes, but if my friend did that to me you can bet yourself I would NOT be ******* happy. Getting the wrong answers from someone telling me what they are? That's something I'd expect an acquittance or a simple co-student to do, but not someone who I trust and expect to have a level of mutual understanding with. To summarise my comment: you and both OP's friend are shit friends.

44- This just proves that when you cheat, the outcome is always bad. Yes, the friend could have helped OP out a less severely way, but the intention was good.

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44- *acquaintance Did you cheat on your spelling tests?

#49 I think 44 is pretty much right. OP cheating is something I don't agree to, but a friend would tell her they wouldn't help her and that she should go study for herself, and offer to help her study if she needed, not promise to help her just to betray her later. Also, "Serves you right" is not something a "friend" with "good intentions" would say.

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he could have just told him "no I'm not giving you the answers" and let him do his own test but he didn't he lied to his friend and made him fail on purpose ya that's a shitty friend he could have just said no I'm not giving you the answers

#44 is absolutely right! Just put yourselves in OP's skin, it happens to everyone not studying for an exam. You guys are self-righteous.

"Just because he does it one time does not mean he is going to do this all the time." @Boston - A one time thing? What part of "since I've hardly studied this year" do you not understand? This is most definitely not just a one time if they've been slacking off the entire year. Sure, you can slack off a little bit when it comes to homework, but exams are worth most of your grade. When it comes time for an exam you should be studying HARDCORE. You know, cramming? Hit the books, review notes, seek a tutor, etc. "Just put yourselves in OP's skin, it happens to everyone not studying for an exam. You guys are self-righteous." @Wiinston - They stated that they hadn't studied at all the entire year... BTW, it doesn't happen to everyone. WTF are you talking about? Nobody that know I of chooses not to study for an exam. Anyone who opts out of studying deserves to fail. That's not self righteousness. The OP is just wasting their time and money by choosing to fail college. Its not like high school. Nobody is going to coddle them and gently push them into the right direction. Its time for the OP to grow up and get their shit together. Or go work at McDonald's.

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Do people who write essay's on FML really expect others to read it all? Seriously though.. *cough*100*cough*

@Blackjack - I don't expect people on this site to do anything. I am simply voicing my opinion. Its the choice of the reader whether or not they want to read my comment. It would bring me pleasure if they did. Even more so if they take something from my comment and make a response (whether they agree or not). Conversing and debating are healthy and fun parts of our lives that shouldn't be limited to certain platforms. Why can't they exist here on this forum? Its your choice whether or not to partake in it. FMyLife has over a million hits a day. Its pretty rude for you to assert that nobody reads "essay length" comments. I believe that DjeePee is a pretty valued FML commenter. Often she'll write long comments in regards to an FML. And people generally respond. To encapsulate my comment for you: Your "TL;DR" comment was unnecessary.

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115- With all of your 'voicing your opinion' talk, I'm seriously surprised that you were a total jerk to the guy on the other FML. You made a very shitty comment to him when he was only 'voicing his opinion'! I totally agree with the fact that everyone should be able to speak their minds and voice their opinion! But don't be a hypocrite! Don't jump down some guys throat when he was only voicing his opinion, as you are wishing to do as well!

I'm not being a hypocrite. I wasn't trying to "jump down their throat". Sorry that I seemed harsh. It just appeared as if that person was invalidating the OP's anecdote and justifying this by making their own situation seem somehow worse.

iamyummylicious is right. If it's a one time thing, it's acceptable, but barely studying for the whole year us not.

That friend really is an ass.. I mean. He could have EASILY just said no. I'm currently a university student and every exam I write is important to my future.. Ive had classes where I'm so swamped with work from my other 6 classes I don't have time to study for one class. I wouldn't ask to cheat on the other hand, but if I did I wouldn't want my "friend" to fck my future over either.

The friends response suggests they were unfairly pressured to pass answers. If this was the case the op is the ass for putting their friend in a situation that could get them both expelled

You know what is great Sixteen year olds talking shit Need to see real world

You know what is bad Rhymetime writing bad haikus Need to learn how to Honestly though - I'm not sure how my age negates the legitimacy of my posts. Its rather annoying to try to discredit me on the basis of me being young. I'm not naive. I don't live in a magical bubble that has prevented me from experiencing very real world issues. My eldest brother was lazy and slacked off in college. He had very poor grades, which led to him failing, being put on academic probation, failing some more, and inevitably being kicked out of college. This was one of the major events in his spiral downwards that led to him committing suicide.

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And he got all sad and depressed because of his own actions then killed himself.

It's really hard to thumbs down iamyummy's comments..

Well they could have been best friends... Best friends always just wanna see you burn:)

69- her intentions were to teach Op a lesson

I bet you really regret not studying now huh?

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Or just trying to do the test on their own.

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Learn to be independant OP.

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What is it with the cheaters today? First this chick then the guy cheating on his wife.

Joe, you ahve the best profile picture ever. Just saying.

No sympathy from me. And probably not much from anyone else on this site. And I quote, "since I've hardly studied this year". Boo-hoo - YDI!

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Agree 100%, did she actually expect us to feel sorry for her?

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Like her friend said, it DOES serve OP right

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I'm not cheating I'm just "enhancing" my performance on the test

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I would have done the very same thing.

That's what you get. Seriously just drop out, you're clearly just wasting money and time.

Hahaha that girl who gave you answers is a win.

I salute your friend. Better you learn your lesson now than never.