By demotivator - Romania - Timisoara
Today, I finally got off my lazy ass and start studying for my upcoming exam. It was going pretty well, until my classmate called and after I proudly told him about my sudden motivation, the only thing he had to say was, "You got the date wrong, the exam was on thursday." FML
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  meli1195  |  31

some classes have only 4 exams so missing even one can be fatal to your grade, plus it sucks that OP put so much effort into studying just to hear it already passed

  vipirius  |  18

Not defending OP or anything but not everyone pays for an education, especially in some European countries. OP is however wasting time, which is worse than wasting money IMO.

  syed121417  |  22

Why the downvotes? Nobody found this funny? Haven't you guys seen the meme series with the little kid spilling milk? "Dammit Tyrone, you're tearing this family apart". Idk, I think it's funny but whatevs