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Today, my dog wouldn't stop pestering me while I was eating some chocolate mousse. I tried to get him to leave me alone for a bit by pretending to throw the mousse far away. The pot stayed in my hand, but I covered the furniture in chocolate mousse. My dog enjoyed cleaning it up. FML
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Chocolate can kill dogs so you might wanna take him to the vet

Alan, it says "covered the furniture" that's doesn't sound like a "speck" to me. Plus it could be a small dog and even a little bit is dangerous for them.


Chocolate can kill dogs so you might wanna take him to the vet

Alan, it says "covered the furniture" that's doesn't sound like a "speck" to me. Plus it could be a small dog and even a little bit is dangerous for them.

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Where did you get "specks" from?

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I doubt he had that much mousse. So "covering" the furniture probably is just some spots with it on there. isn't FML all about speculations based off what were given anyway?

I think it depends a lot on the size of the dog, the amount and type of chocolate. Dark chocolate is worse than milk. My pup apparently ate a chocolate Hostess cupcake when he was maybe 20 or 30 pounds and he's fine.

It depends on the percentage of cocoa. Mousse is probably milk chocolate and not that high. It's stool could get a little loose but the dog should be fine, I mean dogs are originally scavangers and pick up all sorts of rubbish.

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Dogs are allergic to BAKERS chocolate, not regular chocolate. So unless it was made with bakers chocolate, the dog should be fine, probably just sick. still YDI

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We know covered isn't literally what he meant, but for him to be justified in saying covered there had to be more than little specks.

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Everybody chill. LD50 of theobromine for dogs is at about 200mg/kg. Assuming a 20 kg dog, 100g dark chocolate bars with a theobromine content of 10g/kg, about 4 bars would definitely kill the dog. Chocolate mousse is usually less than half pure chocolate, so unless OP upended a huge bowl with about a kilogram of mousse on his furniture (or his dog is really tiny), nothing bad will happen.

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#60, Dogs aren't allergic to chocolate at all. They lack an enzyme needed to process theobromine, a chemical compound found in chocolate; the darker the chocolate, the higher the theobromine concentration.

I regularly consume chocolate mousse by the barrel load, and I presume several others do the same.

I swear I read somewhere that it takes half of the dogs body weight in chocolate to kill it, so I don't think the dog is in that much danger. My dog has had a small amount of chocolate before and he's still fine, as long as its not too much or often, the dog will live.

#60 It doesn't matter where it comes from, if it's from a cocoa plant like all chocolate is it's bad for dogs. All chocolate is bad for dogs because it all comes from the cocoa plant. That would be like if I said humans can only not eat poisonous mushrooms if they are made a certain way.

@72 I start at breakfast, using a dolly to take the barrel up the elevator to my desk. that typically keeps me for about 1hour. I've considered hiring a servant to bring me barrels throughout the day, but you know... the cost for them has gone up since that recent servant strike. then i suffer 7 long painful hours until clockout when I go home to a full stock of chocolate moose barrels. last night my stock ran out. fml -cheers

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My mom still does the stocking thing every year, especially now that I have a 4 year old brother. One year my dog got into my stocking and ate one of those plastic candy canes full of Reeses cups, wrappers and plastic and all. Of course I watched him carefully over the next few days, but it didn't affect him at all. Your dog will be fine OP. :)

It has to eat half it's body weight to die.

dogs can't die from eating chocolate! yes, they can get very sick but not die!

11 oz ounces of milk chocolate is when a dog will show signs of poison and about 2.5 ounces Of dark chocolate.

OMG, the amount of stupid on this feed is extreme. A spilled cup of chocolate mousse is not going to kill the dog. And only certain types of chocolate are lethal. Resources usually don't differentiate between the types that are lethal because of the fact that Humans are incredibly stupid and need shit simplified. Also, arguing with the FML staff is ridiculous.

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Well, it's chocolate mousse. Not dark chocolate. So, unless you have a chihuahua sized dog that ate a cupful of it, no worries. Chocolate mousse is going to have such a low theobromine concentration that you'd have to have a dog with major health issues to have a reaction to it, unless they are small and ate an entire chocoalte mousse pie! Had it been dark chocolate or baking cocoa, worry! That has a much higher concentration! But mousse? Seriously, worry more about dog farts from the milk content. And YDI. Unless it's a puppy, the dog should be trained not to pester you for your food......

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78, you said "moose" instead of "mousse" and I am now imagining a house full of giant chocolate moose animals in barrels. Thank you. Lol

Alan, sure you'll live but the dog probably won't :(

My family's dog got into my brothers Valentine chocolate. A five pound Hershey kiss didn't even hurt him. that was five years ago.

Actually that's only partially true. Though yes the cocoa in chocolate is poisonous to dogs; after the amount of sugar, fat, milk etc. is added to milk chocolate there isn't much of the actual cocoa in the chocolate and is not enough to make a dog ill. A dog would have to eat a large quantity of chocolate to start to feel ill.

It may have been one pound, but that's still quite a bit you'd think.

1oz per 10lbs or something like that. should be OK. if it starts to puke the rush to the vet's. best of luck hope its OK

For it to actually really harm the dog it would need to eat it's weight if not more in chocolate

Alan, how come I can't give you a thumbs up. The public demands to know.

It doesn't matter how much mousse there was! The dog ate chocolate, even a small amount isn't good for them. Deathly amount or not it's still not good for dogs!

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Actually normal milk chocolate isn't a bad as it seems. It's not good, but it's not as bad. A friend had a smallish dog that ate a good pound of chocolate candies, wrappers and all, and was fine. Essentially the darker the chocolate the worse it is. Mousse I imagine is made with milk chocolate and a lot of other ingredients that ultimately dilute the amount of chocolate the dog ate.

Ive heard that dogs only are affected by the dark, rich chocolate. Not milk chocolate. So I think your dog will be fine,OP.

I just spent quite some time reading these comments. Then realized what a waste of time that was. But I would have to agree. The likelihood of the dog eating enough chocolate moose to die...seems pretty unlikely.

It would take a serious amount of much darker chocolate than that mousse to kill even a small dog. Though... cleaning up the puke is going to be fun...

My 120lb Rottweiler stole an entire german chocolate cake off the counter once and he was perfectly fine. Unless this dog is super small OPs dog should be fine.

Dogs aren't "allergic" to chocolate in the sense you think of humans being allergic to things. Their bodies just can't process it the right way and it can mess up their digestive tracks and kill them. It's any type of chocolate, not just Baker's Chocolate.

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it's funny how people think because it's never happened to their dog it'll never happen to anyone's dog, ever.

Actually humans can eat a spotted red capped mushroom that's a hallucinogen by boiling it and not getting high so yeah

#168, so... You never eat/drink anything bad for you? Put down that soda and turn off your TV. While you're at it, the computer is unhealthy too, and you shouldn't use it.

Actually, milk chocolate in that quantity will not harm a dog. A 15lb dog can easily eat a normal sized chocolate bar and be perfectly fine. Now if it was Dark Chocolate, then THAT is when you really have to start worrying.

#77 have you never heard of safe for dog chocolate they sell it in many chocolate stores usually covering a dog bisquit

We used to have a dog that loved candy. She'd constantly steal my father-in-law's Reese's cups and bury them. Every once in awhile we'd see her run by with a wrapper in her mouth. Never found any of her stashes, but by last count, she'd hidden well over a hundred packages. She also never got sick. Guess she knew her limit better than some people.

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I hope this is fake because I heard that chocolate can make dogs very ill, it can even kill them

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I think people forget that dogs are actually fairly resilient. Chocolate in LARGE amounts are deadly, and I'm pretty sure OP didn't throw a barrel of chocolate for her dog to consume. Chocolate mousse is also diluted chocolate and is usually in a cup or small bowl . If anything, the dog will probably have a bit of loose poop. Not in any way near chocolate poisoning.

My nephew allowed my shihtzu to lick the inside of an empty chocolate icecream cup. We spent 7 hours at the vet because she wouldn't stop puking. She ended up passing blood from all exits. 'twas super unpleasant and scary

The shitzu probably got diarrhea from the milk in the ice cream not the chocolate.

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Couple years ago my dog got a hold of one.of those big chocolate bunnies you can buy during easter time, she ate half of it and was totally fine.

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Mousse should be fine, it's not pure chocolate. The dog may throw up but he won't die. F his life, you deserved it.

This is definitely false. You have probably never even seen pure chocolate cuz we don't eat it. Chocolate mousse, like all other chocolate, can kill a dog.

It depends what size dog and how much it consumed.

Yeah my dog ate half a chocolate cake and was sick for a few days but is ok

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Useless info for the day: the danger with chocolate is theobromine. Humans can also overdose, just like dogs, or cats, or rats, but can metabolize it faster and are thus able to ingest more before overdosing. Cocoa beans themselves only contain about 1.2% theobromine by weight, while processed chocolate has even smaller amounts. That's why the dog was fine and why most people are just overreacting if they freak out when their dog eats some small amount of chocolate. Humans can have approximately 1,000 mg for every kg that they weigh which is actually almost the same for rats. Dogs can only have about 300 mg/kg. Cats are even more sensitive and can only have about 200 mg/kg, but are less likely to consume it in the first place because they cannot taste sweetness.

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Wtf why does this have so many likes

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You really should go get your dog checked. They can't eat chocolate, it can kill them.

Not applicable to every dog. My mom's childhood dog was a chocoholic and couldn't get enough of the stuff. It had no adverse reaction to the chocolate whatsoever. Ate quite a bit of other human food too and almost never ate dog food for its entire life.

Yeah #105 that's not exactly a good diet for a dog...

I hope you realize that the dog will only really die of dehydration if OP doesn't fill it's water bowl. Chocolate does to dogs what lactose does to lactose intolerant humans, it gives them diarrhea and or makes then throw up.

118 - And what do you think they fed dogs before corporation-made dog food existed? Yeah, that's right, human food scraps.

You should not be allowed to have pets. Someone should defiantly stop you from breeding.

A lot depends on the size of dog. My 70+lbs dog ate raisins my daughter dropped and was fine. A 5.5lb dog could be very ill from that same amount.

Are you saying dogs are equally not suppose to eat raisins?

Raisins are on the list of things that could potentially be dangerous for a dog to eat.

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Yes they are...actually, grapes and raisins are equally dangerous. I thought you said not, sorry.

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For those who don't already know, grapes (and therefore raisins) can also kill dogs. Onions too.

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and garlic, garlic is really bad for dogs.

But they may not be on the same level of deadliness. It's like a scale where some things are deadlier than others so you can't really say because they survived the amount of one thing they will survive the same amount if it's another thing. It could be the same amount of garlic is more dangerous.

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In Mexico dogs eat everything and they don't get sick, people here just overreact...

You know what else is toxic? Water. If you consume enough, water will kill you, the thing to remember is the LD50, which is the dose required to kill approximately 50% of the population. A little bit by accident, especially with the toxic substance so minuscule, may make the dog feel a bit green but in no way will kill it or cause permanent damage. On a different note, there are alternative forms of chocolate that are safe for dogs, like carob chocolate, which contains no thrombine and is often used in baking or in yoghurt drops for dogs.

Maybe you need to get a bit more vocal with your pet. My dog pesters sometimes but, if I just raise my voice slightly she knows to go lay down and wait. Let work on controlling your pet for it's own safety.