By callen5 - 10/03/2012 15:16 - United States

Today, I was talking to my girlfriend over Skype. I said I loved her and hoped we would be together forever. She responded by singing Who Wants to Live Forever into her mic. FML
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I don't think she's your Skype

I'm not sure I see the problem here.


I'm not sure I see the problem here.

Not sure if 2 is being sarcastic or not, but I honestly have no idea what the problem is.

23- She basically said that she doesn't want to be together forever.

*said that she doesn't want to be together forever.

Said she doesn't want to be with him forever.

Same here. I would kill for a girl like that.

Your girlfriend is singing Queen, she sounds like a keeper to me.

34, your picture is very suitable for the situation..

um whats the problem?

I don't think she's your Skype

I see what you did there...after, like, 10 seconds of contemplation.

I read that like 5 times and didn't get it until I looked at the comments.. Haha.

time to find a new girlfriend?

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6- she's mean for being realistic and not giving him false hope for the future? Very few things last 'forever' and relationships are not one of them. Shit happens dude.

No, she's mean because of how blatantly obvious and rude she made things seem.

Depending on her sense of humor, it could've been a joke. A kind of cruel one, but :/

Jeez Voldemort, look who is the dark lord calling the cauldron black. You freakin' killed Harry's parents and you're calling the OP's girlfriend mean??

Because of a silly joke?

Good song ... But daaaaaammn

Who cares, let the girl have fun.

This made me laugh. She's a stubborn one isn't she? Lol!

Maybe when you said forever it just reminded her of the song. Not really a problem here.

Hell ya, Queen! Every time I hear that song while watching "HighLander" I get a tear in my eye.:'(

Same here, it is a beautiful song written by an amazing band!