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Today, I walked into an exam after having stayed up 20 straight hours studying. The professor looked at me and muttered, "Don't bother, I'm failing you either way." FML
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Find a way to report it, don't let him fail you!

Wow that's a great vote of confidence! Geez what an asshole


Find a way to report it, don't let him fail you!

Don't jump to conclusions saying that the prof is an ass yet, we need both sides of the story. For example in my school, if a student fails to submit a project or attend labs without valid excuses, the department can fail the student regardless of the final grade.

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Is he failing you because you were late? Because your grade is already failing? Because he is an ass?

#28 I believe your second question is the actual answer. In college myself I always see students who never come to class the whole semester and then miraculously show up for the final and expect everything to be all good

I gotta go with #25 on this one. definitely a lack of further information in this FML.

#46 it's university, everyone who is in it is an adult who can make their own decisions. Unless explicitly stated, lectures are not mandatory. So only showing up at the finals and midterms is perfectly alright.

What if his average is so low that even a 100% on the final wouldn't bring it up?

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Most schools will drop your grade after 2or 3 missed classes without a valid excuse. You are wrong, sand will fail.

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I had a friend with a professor who said he was going to fail her no reason, so it is possible that the professor's just being a jerk. She went to the Dean of Students and they reviewed all of her grades & performance. They had to transfer her to a new class for the remainder of the semester. If that's the case, OP needs to speak up to someone other than the FML audience. There are school officials whose job it is to help you in these types of situations. If you're already failing though, YDI for not putting in more effort before now.

That's terrible! He of not doing too much, why this country isn't where because!

I don't think most schools do that. Most schools I doubt even take attendence in the majority of classes, like mine, if we're talking about college/university. No one cares, show up or don't show, it's your game plan.

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All of my classes require attendance; the professors either take role or have a sign in sheet. If a certain number of classes are missed, your grade drops by a whole letter. If too many classes are missed, the professor has the options of either failing you or dropping you from the class.

Yup 94 it's the same at every university around where I live. Labs/ in class projects and assignments count for a grade separate from the final/mid. If you fail the in class stuff you will not pass the class. The reason people seem to think university is more lenient is somewhat true, the professor honestly doesn't care if you miss, it's your money and you are an adult, and in the end it's you that will fail the class. At my university it's something like miss 12 hours of class you get talked to from the professor, 20 hrs and you talk to the dean, 30+ without good reasoning and you can be removed from the class no arguments.

Not true 59, some classes base a good chunk of your grade on "participation & attendance" & even then, not showing up affects your ability to keep up with your word which then leads to another chunk of your grade being lost. You're just setting yourself up for failure & it's no one's fault but yours.

"No one cares, show up or don't show, it's your game plan." True. But even if lectures aren't mandatory, most lecturers/professors generally have the belief that that if you don't show up to class (and struggle to get good grades as a result), they'll be less willing to help you out during essays/exams because you've shown no interest in their class. So you won't get marked down for non-attendance, but the lecturers/professors also don't care if you end up failing as a result of said attendance.

I had a course like that, ever day you missed without notifying the instructor before hand, you would lose 5%!

That generally only happens in social science/arts programs in smaller universities...I study science and my classes have about 350-400 people, the only way to take attendance is by clickers or they just don't bother and you just need to be present for all labs, midterms and finals. There are many students that skip most classes and just learn from the text...although they generally aren't very successful but it is a possible option.

Wow that's a great vote of confidence! Geez what an asshole

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I'm pretty sure you could report your professor if he failed you and you should have been passed..

Yeah, but we don't know and/or doubt OP can pass even if they get a 100% on the final. Profs wont fail you "just because".

Can't say whether its deserved or not, too lacking on the info, but some profs will fail someone for nothing more than personal dislike. Assholes are just as capable at becoming a teacher as anyone else if that's what they want to do....

*Would've/would have/would be. You're welcome! ^_^

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Didn't know typos were such a deal on here...English isn't my first language, mistakes happen... :)

You know that staying up 20 hours studying hurts you more than helps you. YDI for doing that in the first place.

Umm im pretty sure he doesnt deserve that for trying his hardest. Jeeze dont have a bitch fit lol

Sorry, I don't mean that the professor isn't a total bitch, but OP is an idiot for thinking that it would help to study for 20 hours straight.

If you study up 20+ hours make you pass the term and maybe even get a good grade, it is well worth it considering the consequences of failing the course/term, i.e. re-take the term or even withdraw.

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It depends on the person. Some of my friends work a little hard in school everyday and takes in everything and does not need to study whereas I take in only half the stuff, but with exam technique and cramming the night before, I often achieve in the vicinity of 85% as does my friends - even though my method isn't seen as "appropriate" or "sustainable". It's all about finding what works for the person and making the best use of themselves.

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4- I am one of the people who would stay up late and cram for studying or to finish papers or projects. With my back against the wall, I do my best work, and made A's a majority of the time. Don't assume that OP is an idiot, he may be one of us whom excel under pressure.

If the professor is failing OP I doubt they are doing so because of the late studying. This may be because OP has neglected studying the rest of the semester and is now failing too bad to pass the course.

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I can kinda agree. I mean it sounds like she wasn't trying until the end, and should have rested rested than cramming so much.

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OP does not deserve it ... For trying to do well in life and get an education? Is that such a problem?

i dont get why this got thumbs down. 20hrs straight will not reinforce knowledge. just make him tired

Report your teacher to the head of the school. People are graded on their work, not whether the teacher favors them or not.

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And if the OP has failed the class due to their work? Seems more logical than assuming the professor is going to fail the OP for no reason whatsoever.

5- perhaps OP has below a 30% in the class and even a perfect exam wouldn't allow them to pass.

Just as others have posted, we are missing a huge chunk of information. We don't know if OP has been failing already and got chewed out for his poorly done projects/homework/tests...etc. Then, he decides to put in effort but the professor can tell that even if we does well on this exam, it won't be enough to pass the class.

You three are very much correct. I was simply going with the information provided. It would be very interesting to know the entire story, though. I'd like to give OP a chance.

Well, stressing yourself out and pushing yourself that hard is probably counter-productive...

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I hope he was joking. If he was serious and just fails people he doesn't like then he's a dick and doesn't deserve to be a teacher.

Well, if the OP failed at everything in class so far and a perfect final score would still result in a failing grade, then it is YDI and not the professor's fault right?

... So lets clear this up shall we? He's assumptions for pointing out that people shouldn't assume that the professor is at fault, and you then assume he's an ass?

21 learn the difference between a 'theory' and an 'assumption'. The word 'if' is a major clue here.

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It isn't rocket science, 21. And cool it with the "assuming only makes an ass out of you and me hur durr." That has to be the most overused phrase out there. It's not clever, original or funny anymore. It's old.

I feel like there's something missing from the story. You can't slack off all semester, then try to make it up the last minute... Sorry YDI

Because the teacher will risk his job to fail 1 person? If he failed all semester and gets a perfect on his exam it's still possible to fail. Hence the don't even bother comment..if not report him don't write an FML

Clearly not in it because he's passionate about teaching! Definitely doesn't deserve to be a teacher.. People like that **** up people's education.