By tspence / Wednesday 20 March 2013 22:08 / United States - Genoa
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  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Obviously the person who wrote the FML post and the kid. Some people and/or kids are too competitive which sucks because they will never truly know how to have fun and realize it is just a silly game. It's nothing to get worked up over.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

^You worded your first comment odd but I get your point. Just let the kid win so he/she feels good about themselves. It's not a game of life or death and OP should have just let this kid win (no, it isn't always the right thing to do because we don't want any kids thinking they will always be right, win, or have it their way). I think that's what you were trying to write.

  ComoEsJuan  |  24

#4, little kids have this awesome capability of making arguments damn near a plague of constant loss. My four nieces will argue until they are blue in the face, just to prove me wrong, that Minecraft does not suck..

  DommeAshlee  |  11

Oh i know. My nephew argued for days that he wouldn't eat peas because they were the green giants poop. Only thought that after seeing a goat at the petting zoo. I don't think he is completely convinced otherwise yet.

  MrSassypants  |  31

Not necessarily. OP could have been showing how mature he was. The argument could have went like this:
OP: "Do to the fact that this is freeze tag, you had to halt when I had tagged you until I have tagged all the other children or they have tagged you, making you defrost and become mobile again. Due to you being mobile at all times, you have broken the rules. Since I can't punish you for it, you are indeed a cheater-cheater, pumpkin eater."
Six-year old: "Shut up, Doo-doo head!"

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

19- Lol, well if you put it that way, perhaps Op was being mature about how he/she dealt with this. Maybe I just read too much into the word Argument, where I was comparing it to Discussed, or Explained. :)

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