By dumbteacher - 22/11/2010 14:47

Today, my English teacher told me that I failed my grammar test. Her exact words were "You ain't gonna pass this class if you ain't gonna study." FML
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greeneyedgoalie7 0

I think she may be mocking you


greeneyedgoalie7 0

I think she may be mocking you

Yeah, she was probably just pointing how how bad your grammar actually was. Just so you could hear it.

Do you live in Arkansas??

Do you have a problem with Arkansas or just an ignorant belief in stereotypes?

wastland247 0

I agree with 31. You're a dick 21.

Do you mean 26? Are you from Arkansas ?

luis420 0

yeah I thought the same lol

What is Arkansas? I just heard about Kansas

The nemisis of Kansas.

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pippymiskers 4

Arkansas SUCKS.

rallets 22

what did Tennessee?

hannah1203 i saw your profile pic like 2 months ago and i just now saw it

morningwoody 0

What's wrong with the sentence? I thought Eminem said that too in the song "don't let them say you ain't beautiful!"

ur teecher iz stoopid LAWL....wut a ideeot

can i haz cheezbergur

avfcfan89 0

why in your description do you tell us your a capt of a soccer team? i mean, no one likes a cocky chode.

sweeney18 0

Eminems dumb.. so he says those stuff..

you should have called her a wigga

130... "those stuff"?


130 ur dumb

dabomb1463 0

At least it doesnt swallow like you

Yeah, she was probably trying to get some laughs and relieve some stress from having to deal with your poor grades and lack of effort.

zman1422 3

I agree I think that was a direct quote of you

greeneyedgoalie7 0


dude do you play football for Iowa panthers?! I have a good friend, de'andre vandevender that plays for them

zman1422 3

no university of Washington, see the huskies logo on the helmet?

Iowa Panthers? Perhaps you mean the Hawkeyes.

lizzyfizzy 0

yeahh, I really hope she was just mocking you, because that's crazy.

Other than the fact that it's in dialect, the teacher is grammatically correct. You are not going to pass this class if you are not going to study.

free2speak 14

I agree. And just because you speak in a dialect doesn't mean you have to write that way. A good friend of mine who is a great writer (in college that is) speaks like he just walked out of a hillbilly town but his grammar in his papers is impeccable. I, myself, couldn't write and speak with that much of a variation.

Hahaha she dun arnt smart to teach.... Hahaha that sucks that your teacher acted like that... Most teachers need a teachers book with all the answers cause they dont know em maybe next time u should bring that up

Sux to be u lol

I agree, she is DEFINITELY mocking you! lmao! You ain't goin' nowhere postin' stuff like dat. Learn how 2 spell! dummi!

OhShuttup 0

same goes for you!

She was probably explaining it in words you can understand.

Before anyone asks, no I am not OP's teacher. Yes, I realize OP said "her," but considering OP's lack of grammar skills, the teacher's gender is surely in doubt.

ulicksam 0

That doesn't even make sense. Because OP lacks grammer skills he wouldn't know a he from a she?

Good Lord, Doc. Please update the unofficial FAQ to add that bit about sarcasm.

...I'm not sure how it's possible to misspell a word if it's in the post you're responding to - directly in front of your face. For goodness sake, it's "grammar".

Steff, I know exactly how, but my genteel nature prohibits me from saying it. Foe, the unofficial FAQ has been edited. Too subtle?

#52, I've had a look at the unofficial FAQ.... it's still too subtle.... people just ain't gonna get to understanding sarcasm from that :D

Damn damn damn! If anyone has any less-subtle ways if conveying sarcasm, please PM me. I'll happily take credit for your work. See, that was sarcastic! Or was it...

That should be "of," of course.

well, Doc, if sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, the people who don't get it must be expert limbo dancers...

lemonypower 6


Well your FML is correct, grammatically. And "ain't" is not a word. So I wouldn't take their advice.

ain't is a word but ain't is also a improper word for the sentence. Also I never use the word "ain't" unless it's something like this. I was raised knowing ain't is not a word and then it became a word so it's not a word to me.