By Jimii Liu - 11/03/2012 01:41 - United States

Today, I had a date with a woman. She brought her dog along. Everytime I touched her, her jealous male dog began to bark and tried to bite me. FML
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Bring treats next time to distract him.


MsMeiriona 2

op that is exactly why she brought her dog. good luck on any further dates.

Krajjan 9

There's a rule here, my friend. Win over the dog and there's a better chance at winning over the woman. I recommend a steak dinner with a prime cut for Cujo.

miz_kamakazi 11

Bring treats next time to distract him.

So that you both have something to eat

TheFamilyElf 17

Which will impress her, because her dog is obviously very impotant to her. Double win.

KM96 24

Damn that sucks ... Poor you :( I hope the woman was worth it :)

Twisted_Angel 17

My dog does that to men he doesn't know too. He's very protective, but I would never take him on a date with me... that's just weird.

Maybe it was a picnic kind of thing

The difference between you and this woman is that you have boundaries for your dog and she doesn't. She thinks every outing must include Fido. In her mind she is not the inappropriate one for bringing her uninvited dog along on a date; HE is the one with the problem if he does not accept that Fido is her 'baby' and they are a package deal. Not worth it. Find a woman who doesn't think owning a pet is the same as having a baby.

MissHayleyJames 7

I don't take my dogs that many places because they're both bigger dogs, but they are like my kids. I'd do anything I had to for them, spend any amount of money at the vet, etc. My world doesn't revolve around them but they're family and no man, including my husband would ever make me get rid of them.

If you'd go broke for them and dump your husband for them, then yes, you do have a problem. You are putting dogs before humans.

conqueror57 11

Whyy do people say "putting animals before humans" like it is a bad thing? Baring any outstanding circumstances, a human can fend for themselves and thrive just fine without you. Dogs, cats, birds, etc., have been bred to rely on humans. Taking one is a commitment to that animal.

conqueror57 11

Nowhere in the text does it say the dog was uninvited. The date could very well have been a puppy play date at the park with both of their dogs?

MissHayleyJames 7

So say I had a kid from a previous relationship. That kid gets cancer and I go bankrupt trying to pay for chemo. Or say my new husband doesn't like my kid and says "he needs to go live with his dad". What the hell do you think someone would do? My husband an I understand that we'll never ask each other to rehome our dogs. I'd love nothing more than for his dog to be gone forever but I'm not going to ask him to get rid of his best friend that he's had for 15 years despite the fact that he bites me on a regular basis. Just like I expect him to put up with my dogs. Dogs don't live forever. Put up with them for however long they live and move on.

AkshaySauce 5

They can smell the testosterone.

PYLrulz 17

Sounds like my ex-girlfriends dog.

Who brings a dog on a date? Other than to piss on the horrible date.

Who the **** brings a dog on a date? Think you're better off without that one OP.

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MustangGirl72 9

Was it a service dog? If it was then I can understand it. If not then she's probably got some issues.