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  HatefulPilot  |  0

This is easy to do. As pilots, we have an automatic weather update on a special frequency, and because I was overloaded I asked the recording to repeat something.. Lol...

  funny_girly1  |  0

I tried prank calling my friend with one of my friends one night and I thought he answered. Then his voice mail said "just kidding" so we were giggling like idiots for no apparent reason. Lol

  daphish  |  10

Wow, my friend's goes "Hello...hello...hello...speak up I can't hear you...hello...please leave message after the beep." Gets me everytime.


I do that too, but at least MY furniture and appliances talk back... The microwave has some good recipe ideas....

Edit, this is meant for the 3rd #4 (wtf is up with that anyhow?)

  NTalbott  |  4

So have I. Either that or I get all pissed off and yell at the "to delete this message, press 1" lady and get weird looks from everyone around me. Damn AT&T