By ihatelife - 14/05/2011 23:17 - Canada

Today, I was trying to listen to a phone message I'd received. I was excited because I'd been waiting for the coaches to call me back for tryouts for a week now. Trying to figure out how to listen to it, I ended up deleting it. FML
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or you can just call them back?

rups 0

there is a option to undelete a voicemail


lol to undelete press one

if you just deleted it go to your trash pile quick! you can re hear it

jazziness 12

I think it's different on different phones or phone company

and OP that is not a reason to hate life.


press 7 to undelete !

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there is a option to undelete a voicemail

or you can just call them back?

raider27 7

Exactly what I thought. Why not call and explain the situation?

well OP your an idiot "looking for a way to listen to it" last time I checked there's only one way to play a message, the "play" button

If you gave them your email, check your email. :)

I thought it was possible to undelete a voicemail message...

losemymind 0

It is. You just go back to listen to the original messages and then it will ask you to listen to messages that you've deleted and then you can undelete it.

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It was meant to be...

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You can try calling back and say your voicemail cut them off mid sentence so you didn't get a chance to hear the whole thing.