By kemando - 06/10/2011 10:20 - Canada

Today, I'd just finished feeding my parrot and sweeping all the seeds under the cage. As I was walking away, my parrot whistled. I turned around to see him get up onto the food dish, pick up a clawful of food and toss it on the floor. FML
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Damn straight. His name's rascal.

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cradle6 13

Parrots do that all the time. They want attention, or something. Just teach it some heavy metal covers of ABBA songs.


KiKiomggg 1

Omg I actually love your parrot! Little evil :D

*5 minutes later* You probably thought that parrot was alive? Nope, just Chuck Testa.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

What a bitch. OP next time you're going to feed the parrot put the food next to the cage but not close enough for the parrot to reach it then pick one piece of food up and drop it in the cage, only one though. Stare the parrot straight in the eye too while you do it, then say "Look familiar?" and walk away.

rudysayshi 4

Wow, Mr. Mustard. That's a lot of work for something the parrot will probably not understand. Just take the food away immediately.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

68- How so? All OP has to do is put the food by the cage instead of in it, drop one in, then say "look familiar?".... Oh, I see.

armyofficerwife 0

Nah, just wrap the cage in plastic cling film and dare it to do it again.

emmanizzer 6

You are officially a parrot's bitch. Congratulations.

chell1894 13

68, parrots have the intelligence level of a 5 year old child. I think it would get the idea. He purposely did it because literally he thought it was funny. Like I know of a macaw that when she first meets people she'll wait and catch them off gaurd then expand her wing(huge birds) and say boo. And when any one jumps she literally laughs. They are manipulative smart animals. I love my parrot

dreamsorrow 3

I wish I was a bird that sounded so fun. Gratz though your a parrots bish

Having to deal with kids on a daily basis I don't think comparing a parrot to a 5 year old is a very strong argument for your case.

Hahaha a rebel parrot if I've ever heard of one

Take away its food for a day or two then see how rebellious it is

prabhlem 0
markrs 0

P.I.M.P. Parrot in misbehaving practice. Soon he will bitch slap you and teach you a lesson: "Polly wants a freakin' cracker!"

bizarre_ftw 21

P.I.M.P. P.A.R.R.O.T. I'm back again I know y'all missed me I'm so so sick can't handle it yeah I squawk shit just deal with it my wings are 23 inch and they're red on green Yeah they're my mien Diamonds all over my beaks You can try and try you can't beat me!

cradle6 13

Parrots do that all the time. They want attention, or something. Just teach it some heavy metal covers of ABBA songs.

Or get a dog and teach them to sing and play 80s songs.

you got that abba part from the fml below this

sealed_with_a_sm 2

OP: *rage face* You ungrateful bastard!

I think OP's face relates to both our pictures.

Yeah, I definitely see it. *nods in agreement while maintaining rage face*

Your parrot knows he owns you. He's just mad you didn't make him the sammich he asked for. You're lucky he didn't bitch-slap you.

omfg_creepers 8

Polly wants a god damn cracker!!!

The parrot is smart lol best you be giving it more attention