By Sleepy - 31/05/2015 15:51 - United States - Apo

Today, the phone kept ringing so I picked it up and answered. When there was no response, it took a minute to realize that I was still in bed and talking to my hand. FML
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Talk to the hand?!?!

We all have those moments XD Hopefully no one saw you ☺️


Hey, I'm the first one here... Hi people lol

^ That's what she said.

You need to get laid...

Go drunk you're home

I'm not as think as you drunk I am...

We all have those moments XD Hopefully no one saw you ☺️

no we don't. he's a dumb ass

If you haven't noticed OP is a she not he

Go home, you're drunk

He is home and he wasn't drunk he was tired

I believe it was a joke, a poor one but a joke none the less. But if you feel like pointing out the obvious she*

At least your hand wasn't "busy" at the time of the call...

Maybe you dreamt it and it didn't really happen.

Talk to the hand?!?!

Just in case u didn't read it properly! He was talking to his leg.

I've done that. I've had a full conversation with whomever my brain said was on the other end and when I went to hang up I couldn't because I was talking to my hand.. Ambien is a hell of a drug.

I did that when I got my wisdom teeth taken out and was on Vicodin, that shit fucked up my cognitive ability quite a bit

I'm on oxycodone recovering from surgery right now and I've had a couple minor hallucinations (they didn't continue, so that's why I continued taking these pain pills). Strange what drugs can do to you.

I do this too. I also "check my Facebook" when I'm half asleep and it turns out to be my hand. I sleep talk and sleep walk as well so it's mostly that combined with whatever is around me (my phone in this case)

Perfect example of 'talking to the hand'

Wow, you're not a morning person are you, OP ?